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Why Which Blowdryer You Use Matters.

I have a friend who has what I would call wavy hair. Healthy and not too long but pretty thick. She asked me how long it took me to blow-dry my hair, and I told her about 20 minutes. 602 more words


Fast Beauty at Blow Ltd

With the Christmas calendar filling up faster than a Christmas Eve stocking, Weekday parties are now a guarantee. This often means rushing from work and trying to execute your ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ transformation in a 2 x 4m cubicle. 322 more words

First Things First

…I’m the realest. Well, Julia’s the realest. I just needed to incorporate ‘Fancy‘ by Iggy Azalea based on how this post happened to be titled. 161 more words


Excentric Hair Salon

Situated in seapoint just across from the Vida coffee shop in Regent Road, this quaint yet deceivingly spacious hair, nail and coffee bar gifted the animafrika girls with an enormous treat last week! 273 more words


Blowdry Secrets Revealed

Calling all women who are struggling with styling: Have no fear, I have a few tips that might just fix that problem! Every woman at one time struggled with their hair, even if they have “perfect” hair now. 1,283 more words

London Hair - Lagos Hair - Global Hair

It’s fascinating how your hair needs and styles change when you move between countries.

I’ve lived in London, Paris, Jakarta and Lagos. In addition I’ve visited enough other countries (like Jamaica, America, Dubai, Singapore et al) to know that my hair is going to be affected by a number of factors. 393 more words


Club BlowDry

Tuesday- 1:08pm: I am literally sitting at my desk, shoving lunch (leftovers from this. the last of it. #sadness)  into my mouth making dinner date plans for next Monday, mentally packing for Florida, revising my work to-do list, and writing this blog post. 381 more words