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Blowin' In the Wind

How did we miss this then?

Bob’s first song on Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan is Blowin’ in the Wind and we begin in the Old Testament. Dylan as Zimmerman was an excellent Bar Mitzvah student according to his Rabbi, and would surely have known the Hebrew word… 52 more words

Bob Dylan and the Chief Commander: God in the Songs of Bob Dylan

In an interview with Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes, a phlegmatic Bob Dylan referred to Yahweh, the implacable God of the Old Testament, the Loving Father in the New, as “the Chief Commander”. 193 more words

De meesterwerken van Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan mag zich met recht een echte popmusicus noemen. Hij wordt beschouwd als Amerika’s grootste songwriters aller tijden. Zijn oeuvre is groot. Door sommige wordt zelfs gezegd dat zijn muziek behoord tot het Amerikaanse culturele erfgoed. 636 more words


What Happened on July 9th - Blowin' In The Wind

“This here ain’t no protest song or anything like that, ’cause I don’t write no protest songs.”

— Bob Dylan 1962

That was how Bob Dylan introduced one of the most eloquent protest songs ever written when he first performed it publicly.

616 more words

Farewell Trumpet Tuesdays

Yesterday was the last Trumpet Tuesday, with a finale from Year 4 in the school hall. T has been taking his school-provided trumpet in for the past year, and this week saw the results: a three note rendition of… 173 more words


Another from Peter, Paul and Mary

Regular readers (?) will know that I’m not that lyrically aware but clearly in this case the words are central and I know them well. However the youtube intro gave me fresh insight into the ambiguity of the song’s title: 21 more words


AnElephant is Blowin' in the Wind

AnElephantCant say he always misses Bonnie Scotland
There are some aspects of his homeland he is happier without
Like the hail and the sleet
And the snow-frozen feet… 207 more words

Daft Rhymes