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Blown Away on ABC1 Tuesday, 23rd December at 8:30pm

On Christmas Eve 1974, Cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin. Tracy is one of the worst natural disasters to strike Australia, and the subsequent evacuation of most of the cities population was an extraordinary and highly contentious military-style operation that is unparalleled in our history. 131 more words

Blown away

A girl

Pale and perfect. Pure and poised. Peerless pulchritude.

Her hair a lustrous, thick, dark cascade. Her eyes an eloquent, unexpected green.

Her mouth a soft and sensual promise, a dream of a kiss. 103 more words


You Must Be A Plumber To Have Pipes Like This!

What can I say ? This woman is singing live in a cold radio studio in a foreign country and she sounds like a million bucks. 349 more words

Blown Away

Blown Away (1994)

For some reason I decided that recording Blown Away was a good idea. I enjoyed the film back when I saw it in the theater. I drank a lot in the summer of ’94. 225 more words


(Untitled 2 )

My mind has blown completely, my baby brother is now on a ventilator which is breathing for him, he’s been on it 3 times already in the last week and doctors are saying without it he won’t live. 103 more words

Tina Turner

At a young age, my mum use to play her favourite hits loud in the kitchen for the entire house to hear and appreciate. One of the artists that caught my attention and I learnt to love was: Tina Turner. 220 more words


Life Story part #4 – Transgender documentary

One day when i was 9 i saw a documentary about transgender children. The stories these children told about their feelings came eerily close to what i felt like in some parts of my life. 136 more words