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Buffalo Legs and Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

What’s a Buffalo Leg, you ask?  It’s when you want to make buffalo wings but all your have are chicken leg drumsticks and you’re too lazy to go to the store to buy actual chicken wings.   678 more words


Blue Cheese Dip or Dressing

Makes over 2 cups

This recipe can be used as a dip or a creamy salad dressing, although it will be a very thick salad dressing.  140 more words


Doxy's Buffalo Chicken Burgers

Your dinner just got easier and more delicious…if we do say so ourselves. This super simple recipe includes our version of Blue Cheese Dressing, made with Doxy’s Refined Ranch Seasoning Blend. 186 more words


Better-than-Bottled Homemade Blue Cheese Dressing

This recipe is so easy and produces such amazing results (way out of proportion to the effort), that you aren’t even going to believe it. You’ll never buy bottled blue cheese again, I promise. 215 more words


"What are you having?"

Those words are the opening volley for the war.

Whenever we go out for a meal, the Hubbs invariably asks me “what are you having”. 318 more words

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Uncle Bill's Mealy Potatoes

I was making dinner the other night, and I got laughing thinking about dinner at my Aunt Betty and Uncle Bill’s house.   We would go visit them in Connecticut every summer,  sometimes for up to a month.   286 more words

Birthday Veggies

My younger daughter turned nine this past week and it’s our tradition for the birthday girl to choose her birthday meal made by yours truly.  She warmed my heart this year by her choices:  kale chips and a wedge salad. 528 more words

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