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March 2014 - Path to "Early" Financial Independence - Chapter 1

Since late February 2014, have been engaged in talks about shares and REITs with my colleagues who are already 2 feets in this zone while I am zero feet in this zone. 269 more words

Blue Chips

El costo de la guerra: Cost of war

In short, far from “de-escalating,” the Crisis in Crimea is starting to look permanent — and indeed, may expand beyond the borders of Crimea. This bad news helped stocks on the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average suffer their worst declines in nearly two months — and this could be only the beginning. 1,557 more words


Want to really know a person, the only condition is that without any expectations to love him!

Want to really know a person, the only condition is that without any expectations to love him!

Unrequited love, changing the plot, often identified as lack of understanding and love , and finally because of understanding and separated. 963 more words

Habilidades de hacer oro: Investing strategies

Hedge Fund Strategy – Equity Long-Short

An equity long-short strategy is an investing strategy, used primarily by hedge funds, that involves taking long positions in stocks that are expected to increase in value and short positions in stocks that are expected to decrease in value. 1,606 more words


Banqueros Automáticos:The computers that run the stock market

Citadel Securities has quietly become one of the largest forces in U.S. stock trading.

From the 35th floor of a downtown Chicago office tower, Citadel executes one out of every eight stock trades in the United States. 637 more words


El oro y la creencia más allá del petróleo dioses muertos ': John D. Rockefeller

This is a rare example of how principle,business and investing can work. It is the secret behind Warren Buffet and some of the top Hedge Fund Managers. 802 more words


Action Bronson: Golden Food God

I cannot believe that I haven’t posted anything about Action Bronson yet. Action Bronson’s entire being is the epitome of what my blog is about. He’s the whole reason why I had the idea for this blog. 571 more words