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Bernie the Blue

Bernie the Blue gazes with utmost charisma at whoever chooses to face his blatantly blue wall in Jodhpur, western Rajasthan. I know that Bernie is an unlikely Muslim Indian name, but seeing as I was unable to ask him his proper name – owing to the fact that he is painted on a wall and thus lacks the requisite vocal chords to reply to such an inquiry – I’ve taken the liberty to assign an alliterative and silly name instead. 221 more words


Night Train to Jodhpur

We survive the overnight train ride with minimal hassle. Tired, kya? (are you tired?) Yes, but will get over it. I feel a glint of a short story brewing here…’Night Train to Jodhpur’… overtired, overstimulated brain working overtime and I can’t wait for whatever comes next. 532 more words


Manvar Desert Camp

We were packed and once again on the road heading further away from the cities and buildings and closer to the mountains and the people. We came to realize that this chapter of the story was not necessarily about the sand and the silence but about the people in the villages, their simple lives and their honest happiness. 816 more words


Jodhpur: The Blue City

So idyllic and surreal in all the photos we had seen, this ‘blue city’ with rooftop terraces peering into the lives of their neighbours. We had left the serenity of the lake and were on our way to find Jodhpur and learn of all its secrets. 979 more words


Pretty shades of Blue

One of the many things I love about Morocco is that it’s so eye filling; She is never short of charming towns and cities. Hours spent on the road to get to one, to me is worth the journey. 372 more words


Morocco Relived - Chefchaouen 2

Stairs 1

Corners 1

Stairs 2

Angles 1

Apart from having narrow winding alleys, all painted blue, Chefchaouen was a great place to take angles or portions of building shots. 103 more words


Morocco Relived - Chefchaouen 1


No Cars in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen, the blue city was my favourite place in Morocco. Very narrow alleys that twisted and turned, went up and down and all painted blue, my favourite colour.