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Into the Unknown

213 // 365

This morning my good friend Mr H got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to go anywhere. We decided on Brodsworth Hall as we weren’t 100% sure on the location of our other idea and didn’t want to spend all day walking around in circles trying to find it! 44 more words


Dying my roots blonde - IT TURNED BLUE! (& how to get rid!)

If you’ve just dyed your hair, it’s turned out blue and you really can’t be arsed to read my story on my disgusting hair, skip to the bottom points to see how to get rid of it! 689 more words


So who do you wish to be when you grow up?

The question in the title says it all. I’m almost 25 now, and yet this question bothers me a lot. I always considered myself a writer, and yet I never wrote anything. 1,083 more words

About Msg2TheMing

Rocks and Trees and Glowing Shit

ARRRRRGH details. Somewhat funner to draw than to paint. Work in progress.

This is also still in progress. Thinking of incorporating this character into Riak.


Pre-Bday thoughts

So it’s my birthday tomorrow and my friend and I are going shopping. My headphones broke so I’m depressed. I dyed streaks of my hair blue because why not. 22 more words

Color Slay

This is a picture of Miss Carmen Banks also known as @louboutinbarbie on my Instagram and she has gorgeous weave! I am just in love with the color! 136 more words