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Singing a melodic, sorrowful tune
Whilst gazing up at the shimmering moon
A mockingbird
A copying bird

Imitate what you know within sight
Nothing can go wrong if it’s supposed to be right… 257 more words


After Two Days of Rain

After two days of rain, there was a break in the storm
and the birds came out:

a gray nuthatch hopping up and down an oak tree trunk by Willowcreek, 77 more words

Jane's Birdwatcher Poems

At My Feeder

Today, as it steadily snowed tiny, soft flakes, Pine siskins, along with an American goldfinch or two mobbed my thistle feeder.

I was transfixed by their constant fluttering and twittering, and impressed by their lack of fear of my presence. 37 more words

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A two walk day

Exercise: I got the day started with a short walk. I walked with MapMyWalk+! Distance: 2.38mi, time: 48:15, pace: 20:19min/mi, speed: 2.95mi/h. It is always good to start the day with exercise. 65 more words


Young Blue Jay

Blue Jays are intelligent and entertaining birds, but rather shy. This one stayed up on the bare branch and wouldn’t come any closer, but he didn’t leave either – there were seeds in the bird feeder after all! 144 more words

Mr Winter Jay

Dear Friends, busy time of year and the birds ware busy eating all our suet, this blue jay was very close and i loved the background colors. so til Tomorrow MJ


That time a blue jay sat still

“It’s snowing. I guess I’ll just sit here.”

This jay was perched on the tray of our tube feeder for almost a whole minute. I had time to get my camera and focus on this normally flitting, flapping, hopping, squabbling creature. 20 more words