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The Lights of Iceland

Game Of Thrones aficionados can rejoice; the HBO series returned to the screens this week! All that sword fighting, ruthless conspiring and brother-sister with benefits takes place against a backdrop of rugged mountains and breathtaking vistas. 518 more words

Aurora Borealis

Iceland, Blue Lagoon (Short Post No.1)

Friday morning = time to sleep = true.

We went out later that we have the past couple of days and had a walk in town, took the bus that would take us to Blue Lagoon which was an Experience, Hot water, saunas, treatment, nice people, I’m not that much into heat but that was actually quite nice. 181 more words


Snowy Lagoon by Koveh

Fresh snow at the Blue Lagoon really transformed the landscape to something resembling another planet. There is not a whole lot of interesting growth on the rocks at this time of year, so the snow really helped to add some interest and create a nice contrast with the amazing geothermal waters.
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A Video: To the Northern Lights

To the Northern Lights

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In February, Kyle and I traveled from Cape Town, the southernmost city in the African continent, to Reykjavik, the northernmost capital city in the world. 204 more words


Reykjavik, Iceland

3 hours flight from London and a world away is the incredibly beautiful Iceland with capital city Reykjavik. With a tiny population (320,000), stunning volcanic landscape and a rich Viking history it is a wonderful place to visit. 395 more words


Bláa Lónið

The blue lagoon!

The pictures don’t do it justice.

When you’re actually in the lagoon (aka a giant natural hot tub), you get a really nice view that I will take pictures of during my next visit there. 196 more words