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I'm Still Here

I can’t prove that I love you.

But somewhere down the

Line of years passed and 

Skies faded blue you’ll still

See me standing here next… 18 more words


The Big Freeze in Seattle (but we have sunshine)

We have had a bit of a freeze here in the Pacific Northwest. Portland was lucky (or unlucky) enough to get some snow while here in the Seattle area we have had freezing temperatures and blue skies. 95 more words


I Hate Annie and Her Stupid Song!

Yeah, yeah, I guess it’s a given that “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!”  And then there’s all those Beatles hits . . .  “Here Comes The Sun!” or  “Good Day Sunshine!”  or “I’ll Follow The Sun!” But quite honestly, I am just burnt out!  510 more words


A little goes a long way...

Today, I am grateful for:

  • The gift of life
  • Divine protection and guidance
  • Blue skies
  • Sunshine
  • Love
  • Chocolate (especially Lindt)
  • Patience (oh how I’ve had to bite my tongue several times)
  • 71 more words

The First National Park

When the United States established Yellowstone as a national park in 1872, it was the first such national park in the world.

It is a magical place that encompasses a fascinating story of a region’s natural history, with lakes, geysers, and other geothermal formations that are home to a myriad wildlife. 247 more words



OK – so I’m posting two photos, but the first one is really the more photographically interesting; the other is more personal and is really just to fill you in on the context of both photos! 211 more words


Snow, Sunshine and Sub-Zero Temps...

I have spent the morning surrounded by the glorious warmth of the wood stove, listening to music, sipping hot coffee, while Brax runs around finding the wrong things to get into. 201 more words