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365 grateful: Day 226

Took advantage of a lovely night and went for a walk. We enjoyed gorgeous skies, jumping fish, five heron flying around the lake, and leaves changing colors already! 10 more words

look up into the blue

So, it’s been an eventful, 5-kid-crazy, happy-sad-sick-better, hospitals and day trips kind of summer. We had some amazing weeks of warm SUNNY buggy, get-the-hose-out weather. In Scotland, that means everything comes to a halt while we all go outside to observe the strange, wonderful orb in the sky… 89 more words


Blue Skies

I can’t forget the stars,
I can keep them in the palm of my hand.
I can hold blue skies,
and I can feel the heat of the sun.
Certainly, then
I can move on.


Sky time-lapse

Second attempt at time-lapse photography! I’m going camping this weekend so if the weather is good I’ll have a pretty good night time sequence to share with you all :)

Blue Skies

Abandoned Mining Road, Green River Utah

This road near Green River, Utah was likely used during the gold rush of the early 1900’s. It is now abandoned and forgotten – and perfectly represents how harsh the sands of time tend to be on manmade objects. 16 more words

Lunch skies, shit shit shit and being British

Sitting outside at lunch time to enjoy the gorgeous blue sky.
My first sewing knits class. It’s nice to learn new things again. And muttering ‘shit shit shit’ next to a woman also muttering ‘shit shit shit’. 66 more words