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Sorry little spruce, it's time to give up

I always show the success of the hard garden work and love from my dear wife Karen and I.

Some of you may have noticed a sorry sight in the background of some shots from the backyard of our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood home. 159 more words


Laidback Gardener Tip of the Day

How to Make your Blue Spruce Bluer!

Actually, the title is a total lie: you can’t really make a blue spruce any bluer than it is naturally. 341 more words


Day 167 - Trees

I am very excited about these little spruce trees.

We have a tree line behind our house with a field beyond that but a developer is soon going to build duplexes, townhouses and single family homes.   65 more words


Capture the Moment

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words and I tend to agree with that.

A picture can remind you of a specific time, can capture a plethora of different emotions and allow you to reminisce of a person, a time or a place. 227 more words


Instinct and Results

I began this blog as a skeptic. I wanted to document our trail and errors while we tried replacing household medication with essential oils. I sit here no longer a skeptic, but a serious believer. 703 more words

Our Experience With Essential Oil

Deeper Within

Picea pungens, Gaia, or generally known as a blue spruce, is the star of this blog. Ever since I received this project I have had a perfect idea of an entry that I would submit to this blog, but I did not want to do so until the very end. 1,137 more words

Tree Project