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New England Spring

Springtime in New England is always sort of a funny thing. It’s been known to snow in April, but also be boiling hot. I’ve always liked the northeast because I like having four full seasons of weather, but spring is a pain. 1,079 more words


Honolulu, Hawaii - We all know about Blue Hawaii, the bluest of states. But the Republicans have a good chance of sending one of their own to the U.S. 125 more words


Wave (goodbye) to New Have(n)

So… about that ballad. Jane had a press conference she needed to attend last night and so took me along. I was at a very posh function, with well-dressed people, wearing the King of Boots… and a Dartmouth sweater. 2,227 more words

Wave to New Have(n)

I packed up most of my things last night and freaked out Brianne with my way of relaxing: watching exclusively the episodes of Baywatch that feature shark attacks. 981 more words

Patriotism, Duty, Honor, and Religion (or, Shamefully Looking Down My Nose) (1.1)

My best friend, who grew up with me near our beloved Large American City, U.S.A., now lives out on the western American frontier.  His is a fairly rural state by most measures, and he loves it that way – its rustic natural beauty, its vast open landscapes, its unforgiving terrains.   481 more words

Solvency of the States

If you had to guess which American states currently enjoy long-run projections of fiscal solvency and which do not, the answer you give probably depends on what you think of the chasm between red state and blue state governance; particularly of their competing approaches to budgets and balance sheets. 679 more words