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America often seems to be the opposite of the rest of the word. One way in which this is obvious is in the colors we choose to designate the left and right wings of our political system. 290 more words


Why Working In Customer Service Makes You A Better Person

After months of stalking Providence’s craigslist page, I finally managed to swoop in and score a job at Blue State Coffee. This is good news on multiple levels. 416 more words

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States were first labeled “red” or “blue” during the 2000 elections by television journalist Tim Russert.

I’ve heard the choice was mere chance—the colors were not meant to be symbolic. 412 more words


Frogs in a Pot: Election Eve 2014

On the eve of Election Day 2014 I find myself thinking (I know. There he goes again.) about the implications of what will happen tomorrow. Relax; his is not the mad raving of a political ideologue that wants his side to “win.” Sure I have opinions, preferences, but this is more about than winning. 460 more words

If you do not currently live in a red state, you probably will soon

If you do not currently live in a red state, you probably will soon. Either you will (1) flee your blue state to a red one, or (2) you and your fellow blue-state citizens will get so fed up with the high taxes and fiscal irresponsibility that you will vote out the blue-state politicians and replace them with red-staters. 469 more words

Across The U.S.A.

Is there a word for "the opposite of Stockholm syndrome"?

From the outside, I’m sure that one of the more curious features of American politics is the vitriol many poor Americans feel towards government assistance. This is especially curious since so many of these less wealthy Americans are actually on some sort of government assistance. 392 more words