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Muffin de Mirtilo - Blueberry Muffin


Gosto muito dessa época do ano, não só devido as festas, mas também pelos produtos que invadem os supermercados daqui. A invasão é um tanto quanto tímida, mas agora encontro amoras, framboesas, cerejas e mirtilos… 644 more words

So Sweet

Sometimes a Blueberry Muffin is a Reason to Live

The other day at Satan’s place (a.k.a. work), I was preparing a holiday-inspired snack. My snack was pumpkin yogurt topped with pumpkin seeds. But before I could finish my Greek yogurt tastes good pep talk, I found a muffin in my stash. 53 more words


juicy blueberry muffins & about muffin tops

Before moving here, muffins were not something I would eat much, just because they’re not that popular in Brazil. But once arriving here I began seeing it everywhere: in supermarkets, bakeries, coffee shops; and in lots of different flavors — chocolate, blueberry, pistachio, strawberry…. 794 more words

Hearty Blueberry Oat Muffins

Although muffins are of an uncertain origin, it’s possibly derived from the Low German word “muffen”, or small cake. A very popular recipe in 19th Century American cookbooks, muffins are now just individual sized quick breads and can be either sweet or savory. 99 more words


Alkmaar Monochrome

Alkmaar. This city has a special place in my heart. I´ve been to Alkmaar a couple of times so far and somehow every time I was there it was a crucial moment in my life in a good and in a bad way too. 210 more words


Eatstory's Children's Day, Delhi (India)

If I had a genie and I have only one wish left, the only thing I would want is, to go back to being a kid. 270 more words