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Ghosts Of Christmases Past (G-uno)

Every year right about this time I like so many others out there am remembering those who are no longer physically here to share the holidays with us. 505 more words


A taste of Nova Scotia - Blueberry Grunt

I was not a fan of blueberry pie growing up. I think the texture of the blueberries kind of freaked me out. Thankfully due to a blueberry pie in Switzerland I got over it. 620 more words


Thanks a million, Internets.

Why aren’t there French fries – lots and lots of French fries at the Thanksgiving table?

I wondered this as I prepared the tenderloin for consumption on Thursday. 532 more words


Pie has been on my to-make list from the start. In fact, it was a motivating factor for this project. If I had switched my pie crust with playdough you would ask what did you do differently because wow this is a lot better than usual. 621 more words

Jessica Et. Al.

Quick cranberry pear jam

I’m saying it now and letting it go down in my Internet history. I don’t like Thanksgiving. I promise to never edit this post – unless it involves the recipe – and to stand firm on my measly beliefs. 608 more words

Veganizing your favorite recipes: Blueberry pie

When I was a kid my grandmother used to make a blueberry pie that I really loved, and still do to this day. Unfortunately original recipe contains both eggs and sour cream, which I thought was a hindrance in making it vegan. 276 more words


Blueberry Buttermilk Pie

This can be the easiest recipe for pie just by purchasing a good quality pie shell.  I promise the filling will make your guest forget to ask whether you bought the shell or made it yourself. 122 more words