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Top 10 Interview Blunders & How to Avoid Them

We’ve all heard the stories about job searcher who’s sent in 100 resumés and not received a single response.  With the competition in today’s job market, interviews are hard to come by.  1,136 more words


Kill Me Now Karma - Formerly Known as Do Not Write a Reference Letter This Way

I made a terrible mistake in a reference letter once. Granted I was very young and new to the processes of supervision and management. My only training had been being thrown directly into the fire.   764 more words


Can I get a Hallelujah?

Did you read the title? Did you read it with a Southern twang also? That’s just how it comes out I guess? That’s also just what you’ll be saying when you eat this Amish cinnamon bread! 445 more words


I think that’s pretty much all the intro one might need. Butter. I mean, if you don’t walk away with anything else from me, walk away with the fact that butter is the best invention ever! 432 more words

Just be

When you accept that everything, absolutely EVERYTHING, happens for a good reason, you will stop being hard on yourself for all the blunders, errors in judgment or stupidity you may have declared yourself (or others) to be guilty of. 27 more words


The Fall of the House of Francis: on reaction to papal blunders

Excerpts from The Sensible Bond

Readers of this blog – many albeit not all – are feeling deeply alienated by the current papacy. We have been alarmed by the pope’s inconsistencies, by his recklessness, by his penchant for theologians like Walter Kasper, and for thoughtlessly selling his troops down the river by gabbling to the media. 59 more words


Think you have the best plan…think again.

Even the biggest brands make the small but costly mistakes. Four big obstacles to avoid as you grow.


So you think your company is ready to grow? 1,239 more words