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The 9 Greatest Blunders You Make Baking Cookies

Baking cookies isn’;t rocket science, but a few flubs could be keeping your sweet treats from tasting their best.
1. Substituting ingredientsBaking is an exact science. 27 more words

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Off On the Right Foot

Finish each day and be done with it. Blunders are bound to happen, after all we’re only human. Don’t dwell on them or continue to struggle. 27 more words


American nature and my recovery through kayaking

I stopped work after retirement, but I started something I never expected- kayaking. The Inuit, an Arctic people, created kayaking, with wooden frame covered in sealskin.   1,083 more words


Best Ten Common Dieting Blunders Every Single Bride-to-be Tends To Make

Are you consistently producing dieting errors? Let the professionals at The Wedding Dress Diet Strategy help you overcome them with these leading slimming tips…

Error 1 – Skipping breakfast… 27 more words

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Blunders New Moms Make When Attempting To Get Back In Shape

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Parents of Aaron Vaughn Ask Obama to Step Down

Aaron Vaughn, was a proud member of Seal Team Six, the ones who went in after Osama bin Laden.  The very action which President Obama applauded and his administration took credit for. 47 more words


35,000 patients wrongly struck off GP registers

Up to 35,000 patients have been wrongly struck off GP registers in the last year in NHS cost-cutting exercises targeting the elderly and vulnerable, an investigation has found. 104 more words