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Why I'm not Christian

I may as well tell you. -shrugs-

I’m just not because it was shoved down my throat and I really don’t appreciate that. It majorly upsets me. 436 more words

Project Tryout: Highlighter and Contour

Hi Y’all Glammies,

With that statement above, my proofreader just had a conniption. After finishing my I Dream of Blush series (clickhere)where I go through ever blush I own but do not use, I am now on the contour and highlight post. 89 more words


Blunt Stuff About High School

I recently finished high school. It sucked. I’m here to give a bit of advice for incoming freshmen.

  • It’s best to realize right now that almost every thing you do/say before the age of 24 is painfully embarrassing.
  • 236 more words

Being self motivated is an eternal struggle.

Having a nine to five is all well and good, or attending college, having a part time job, general life related things that fill your days. 474 more words



I’m searching for her name as we speak. I’m trying to pinpoint the day she had officially moved to her new place anxiously waiting to start grad school. 819 more words


I lit my golden cigar
Which makes me feel like a star
High, above in the peaceful sky
The happiness never seems to end by… 157 more words