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That I wasn't being blunt, but being too honest

In the crowd and among all people, I found you and I actually thought we would be the best junior-senior forever. But above all else, we ended up in ruins and living up the theory that nothing lasts forever.

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Three Word Wednesday

Three Word Wednesday gives writers, poets and those who journal a mid-week jolt of creativity. Each week, three words are selected; you create something with the words. 77 more words

Three Word Wednesday


Have you ever tried to say or act like what you actually feels or think, but just can’t?

Have you ever imagined the scenario in your head, when everything’s going to be so perfect today imagining you to act as you want to act, but in the end, you made a simple mistake and it turns out completely different? 306 more words

Tak Berkategori


Chapel of Santo Niño de Atocha, Chimayo, New Mexico

sorrowing mother—
a bright aurora of grief
stains the northern sky

~~ ~~ ~~

What can blunt the grief…
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Carpe Diem

Travis Rice Pro HP review

Travis Rice is the biggest name in snowboarding and his board is one of the highest in demand, which begs the question, is the Horse Power worth the extra money? 403 more words


I'm a girl- seriously.

All right, I admit people make mistakes- but please, please, please don’t make any gender mistakes.

It’s not hard to tell I’m a girl when you see me. 123 more words


Wishing Well

I wish there was a way for me to live in a different world where people’s dreams and ambitions are not exaggerated by society’s expectations. Oops. 138 more words