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Sledgehammers of Truth: How Bluntness and Honesty Are Not One and the Same

This segment comes to you from a profoundly meditative space.  For those of you not familiar with me, read that as: “I’m having a magical tea party with my thoughts and feelings, trying to decide who gets to be the pretty, pretty Princess and who plays Mother with the teapot.”  You’re going to want to sit tight for this one.  1,548 more words

True Self or True Community?

As I brew some homemade chai karak and browse my Facebook feed, I find myself drawn to an article a friend shared from the Huffington Post titled  684 more words


To Put It Bluntly...

I thought I’d start writing a series on Korean culture.  It’s a bit difficult to write about Korean culture because this is my second time in Korea and I’ve been here so long that it’s not new or stands out to me anymore. 282 more words