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Woo hoo! When I feel heavy metal, woo hoo! And I’m pins and I’m needles…

Who remembers this song? *Me, me!* Oh?! We’re off to a good start…

Who remembers the words to this song? *Me, me!* Oh, you too? We’re doing very well. 282 more words

No one here is alone, satellites in every home
Yes the universal’s here, here for everyone
Every paper that you read
Says tomorrow is your lucky day… 6 more words


Exploring the local creek and rivers in Victoria can be rather rewarding particularly since many of them are seasonal and only flow in the winter or after a decent rain. 123 more words


Pink tonight

all: Uptown, Minneapolis

top: Night street photo with motion blur, October 2008
mid: October 2009
bottom: Intentional blur, shot in a snowstorm December 2008