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T is for Theme


(theme): a unifying or dominant idea, motif, etc.,

This is a topic that I could probably talk forever on. It’s just so important in a book! 324 more words


Friends you can return to...

…are friends worth having.

I used to be insanely scared of having friends. It’s not that I feared the people I could call my “potential friends,” but because I didn’t believe friendship existed. 224 more words


S is for Satisfaction


(sat·is·fac·tion): an act of satisfying; fulfillment; gratification.

This is an obvious one. I want to be satisfied when I’m done a book. Now this is a complicated one because sometimes what makes a good book is not being completely satisfied. 208 more words


I Constantly Feel

This frustration that I cannot do as much as I want to. I have these images in my mind. Colors, shapes, pages and designs.

Constantly, I want to change the theme, format and overall everything interactive in my blog but you cannot successfully do that to the degree you want off a craptitullar mobile device. 49 more words

Personal Vents

I'm a surgery pro...

…Not really.

Hey guys! Surgery on Friday went really well, it was quick and the recovery was surprisingly quick as well! I slept a majority of Friday away and watched a lot of The Simpsons, which is the best kind of medicine. 169 more words


R is for Rebellious


(re·bel·lious): defying or resisting some established authority

Now there’s no real authority when it comes to writing a book but this goes with what I keep saying every post. 134 more words



I’m an illusionist.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to start a card show gig. I’m talking about art, actually.

Before I go any further, maybe I’d better define “art.”  By “art,” I mean my line of work, which is drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. 394 more words