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Your Meme Doesn't Make a Difference

The other day, I was watching videos on Youtube. It’s a fairly acceptable Friday night routine– find my laptop, find some headphones, find something to drink, find some netfilx, get distracted, watch a video on youtube of one of the actors from whatever netflx program I’m drowning myself in doing something inane… After a few hours, I’m hallucinating cats on Roombas making out to Lil Wayne’s “Love Me”. 603 more words

Where The Lines Really Blur...Hey, Hey, Hey!

I know the song is a bit old by now, but I wanted to talk about this for my last post . Throughout the semester we’ve learned about women and the media, and we’ve seen what the media does to women. 591 more words

Thicke Parody - Defined lines (Auckland Uni Blurred Lines Parody)

Just to give all you women out there a good laugh. We all know men can be dirty sometimes. Women are more than the media and men make them out to be.

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Robin Thicke Named "Sexist Of The Year"

Robin Thicke has just been named sexist of the year by a women’s coalition group who is strongly disagrees with how Robin portrays women.

They feel as though not only are his lyrics for “Blurred Lines” very degrading, but his music video as well. 165 more words


Robin Thicke's Dad Weighs in on Son's Marriage Problems With "Jumping the Broom" Star Paula Patton

Just because Robin Thicke‘s dad Alan Thicke has a new reality series, it doesn’t mean the “Blurred Lines” singer’s breakup  from  Paula Patton will be part of the show. 143 more words


I Know You Want It

Alright, alright. I know I’m late in the game on this one, but I just saw the “Blurred Lines” video for the first time and ohhhhhh my goodness. 271 more words

Music Rumblings: Music Monday 4.14.14

Last week, I got the urge to listen to Robin Thicke’s last album Blurred Lines and I have been listening to one song over and over again for the past 5 days: “Put Your Lovin’ On Me.” This song just hits every note for me and it’s sexy as hell.

Music Rumblings