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Both Chantell and I aren’t the types of girls who need pink in our lives.

But these two win us over every time.

Balmain and Chanel –  9 more words


Blushing, butterflies and dispensing wisdom

You wait an age for someone to arrive in your life and when they do its wrong. It can’t work, its not allowed. Is that what makes it feel so special though? 119 more words

Pick-up Lines: Corny or Sweet?

What do you think about pick-up lines?
Are they a sign that he’s romantic, or just plain corny?
Well blog followers, I’m not sure what to think at all! 98 more words


Things That Make You Blush

When I was younger, many things would make me blush. It isn’t so easily done these days, not that I’m complaining. That heat rising to your face and the pink cheeks that intensify in color when someone points out that your face is turning red is not a feeling I enjoy. 73 more words

Why, oh why am I shy.

What on earth is wrong with me? It’s a question I regularly ask myself and to be truly honest (which I always advise you try to be) I’m sure everyone else looks at me and wonders the same. 609 more words



Morning to y’all. I’ve had my porridge, am thinking about getting ready to go to work, and thought I would give an update on what I’ve been doing recently.   156 more words


Ever walked into a lamp-post while looking at your phone and laughed by someone who you have never seen before? Or forgetting to zip your pants in the public and someone told you about it? 343 more words