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HUGS!!!! Real Life....

GuyF:  8:24 PM


Me: 8:25 PM

hehe xD pweez?

GuyF: 8:28 PM


Me: 8:33 PM

Yes…it the way i hug….sorry if u dont like it… 11 more words


Red in the Face

I’m sorry I was cross
I didn’t mean to yell in case
I became red in the face

Oh wait, now I remember
It wasn’t me who yelled… 62 more words


Demons In Us

i trust my ex still with all my heart…..and Love him…..but then there is his gf….but this is what happened last night……more about me then him….but shows you how he was there for me……….ps this is real not made up or acting…..THIS IS REAL ….and…scared the shit out me last night…. 953 more words


New Post Title

Hey guys! I’m in my super fleece right now, we had a mini slow flurry in Montreal today and it does feel a lot colder. Or maybe they’re experiencing heat problems, ’cause hot damn, to walk around the west side of res, I need a fleece! 364 more words


L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints are Awesome!

I saw a display of the L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints at the drugstore and was attracted to the giant selection of eye-catching colours. I hadn’t actually heard anything about them (which is weird because I think lots of people have been reviewing them), but at only $4.39 CAD I thought they’d be worth trying out. 503 more words


Back in Boise

I went back to work 4 days after the surgery, I was feeling good and confident. I convinced myself I was one of the lucky ones who’s flushing was immediately gone after the surgery. 325 more words

Micro Ets