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Rimmel Mascara - Scandaleyes Retroglam

Scandaleyes RetroGlam: $5.98


Con: The bottle takes up a lot of space for the small amount of product inside. It is also not the prettiest bottle out there for mascara, but really what can you expect for a mascara under $6. 202 more words


L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints Daring, Blushing and Bombshell

Good Morning,

I am back today with more L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paints. My latest colours arrived in, blushing, bombshell and daring. You can check out… 229 more words


you make me blush

original work by: Pogdy Panda


Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Review

Light Siberia Sheer Glow – 6040


Pro: Personally I love the heavy glass bottle and the black matte lid.

Con: This is the second time I have purchased this, and the first time the foundation got all over the lid and I couldn’t clean it off. 450 more words


A Public Service Announcement

I blush. Every day. All of the time. It is involuntary. (Meaning: I can’t help it, and the people in my day-to-day life appreciate it…I appreciate them for their appreciation!) I have recently been told that it’s also a sign of good health. 89 more words


Preventing "The Red": Blushing

Easy everyday tips

If you’re anything like me and you blush easily you know how embarrassing it can be. And you know that anything from thinking to working out can bring on the sudden flush of colour. 873 more words


Alcohol and the Human Brain by Rev. Joseph Cook

People can get hardened by the need for alcohol if they consume too much of it. It has an effect on the blood, nerves and the brain. 723 more words