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#179 Bargain bin clothing

When I’ve got time I love to rummage through Baby Monkey’s bargain bin clothing upstairs. Most of the items are only L$25 so you can put together outfits for not a lot of money which appeals to my Scottish roots! 293 more words


trying to get to Robot Heart

I had one single mantra in my head
Get to robot heart, get to robot heart.
But the independent words were leaking
between the fingers of my mind. 77 more words


#178 Reboots? No, re boots.....

Yes, the new release ankle boots from Baby Monkey announced yesterday by Pixie! I picked them up last night and just had to show them to you along with another new release, a pair of ‘outrageous’ platform mules which could give you vertigo they’re so high! 140 more words


Terimakasihcikgu ~ Belajar Mendeklamasi Puisi

Menjelang akhir tahun, siapa lagikah yang perlu kita kenang selain cikgu.

Dengan video ini diharapkan agar murid-murid dapat mencatat puisi yang tertera pada video dan… 34 more words


Video Karangan Gotong-royong

Saksikan contoh karangan Gotong-royong di Sekolah Saya di sini.


#173 Outrageous to zany perhaps, but wow.......!

I hope Pixie doesn’t mind me describing her designs for Baby Monkey in this way! I visited the store this morning and picked up four of her new releases which fit into these categories, that’s not to say I don’t like them, I absolutely love them but they are on the wild side, no doubt……. 240 more words