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Teka Silang Kata - Bahasa Istana

Sila cuba latihan di bawah. Cikgu harap kamu dapat menambah ilmu pengetahuan dengan maklumat yang terdapat di dalam latihan ini.

Selamat mencuba!!



#208 Tails it's clothing!

Baby Monkey tails that is, and new release clothing from Pixie. I have to admit I’m loving the new store layout with separate buildings for each category, if you haven’t seen it yet, get on over there or you can see some pics in my blog post… 302 more words


#202 Step into someone's shoes!

But not just anyone’s shoes,  Pixie’s shoes from Baby Monkey of course! Not content with a complete redesign of her site (see details here… 146 more words


el regalo

It came in any form you could imagine:
A naughty look from the beautiful fire dancer,
her eyes grinning red,
laughing with lust—
or a banana, handed to you… 128 more words


20 reasons why Manchester is better than London.

  1. Boots meal deals are £3.29.

  1. Manchester Evening News > Evening Standard.

  1. Manchester invented and perfected sarcasm.

  1. Coronation Street > Eastenders.

  1. £200,000 houses are 4 bedroom with a garage and a garden.
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Step Family Frustrations

How is it helpful to say I don’t do something correctly? How on earth can that help your children? I am doing the best I can and if I do not remove their disgusting head lice to your liking then how about you also do it so they can finally be gone?? 127 more words