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OMG Now Lottery? More Vehicle Passes

If you want to enter the OMG sale, for the 1000 3000 unknown number of tickets that are still on sale from the “sold out… 559 more words


Art World Rocked By Burning Man's Latest Move

The Black Rock Arts Foundation is on the way out. The BuMPy Burning Man Project will be taking it over. When? It’s already happened, but details are “coming soon”…of course. 1,837 more words


Intel Inside SiMan

Just came across this story. It’s from September 2011, so after Burning Man announced their non-profit vision, but just before I started this blog. … 1,766 more words


More Tickets Mysteriously Appear [Updates]

And…what do you know! More tickets going into STEP. Quelle surprise. It was only yesterday that we were hypothesizing about this – seems like we guessed right. 1,368 more words


Ticket Prices Starting To Drop

I’ve been tracking the price and quantity available for tickets and vehicle prices on Stubhub for the last few weeks. Good news for Burners who don’t have a ticket or vehicle pass yet: the prices are dropping, and the number available is starting to increase – a sign of further price drops to come. 998 more words


You Think You Made That Art Car? It's Ours [Updates]

Recent events have brought the intertwined issues of insurance and liability into the spotlight, like never before. First, the Temple plan for this year collapsed… 3,366 more words