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BMOrg Asks For A Gift AGAIN

As if we don’t have anything better to do with our money at Christmas time. Anyone else get one of these?

It’s not even a week since… 576 more words


JT Finally Speaks

It only took 3 1/2 months – and, quite probably, me spending an hour yesterday talking to a reporter from Bloomberg Business Week, then passing his details on to Caravancicle’s manager – but finally the community gets to hear things straight from the horse’s mouth. 2,578 more words


"Failure!" - Tananbaum Gets Called Out by BM Director

A couple of days ago, BMOrg finally posted their response to the many concerns raised by our community after this year’s event. You can read our analysis here: … 3,097 more words


Charity Versus Tax-Free

In the comments to our BMOrg Hath Spoken article, Burner Cooter raised an interesting point.

This is a slight tangent but the deal with the non profit status is really starting to irritate me as it seems to get inserted every time the ethics of the Borg comes into question. 1,353 more words


Boycott Commodification - or Just Give Us Your Money [Updates]

Thanks to our eagle-eyed readers who spotted this post at The Burning Blog Voices of Burning Man. It seems they posted it, and as soon as there was a… 1,088 more words


Commodifying Decommodification

A guest post from our reader Pantsless Santa. It’s an eye-opener! The desire of these people to laugh at the very principles they created, and told us we had to live by, seems to know no bounds. 740 more words


A Carnival of Smoke and Mirrors

The new theme has been announced. As per the rumor we leaked on November 16, it’s circus-related:

This year’s theme is about mirrors and masks, mazes and merger. 1,272 more words