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Commodifying Decommodification

A guest post from our reader Pantsless Santa. It’s an eye-opener! The desire of these people to laugh at the very principles they created, and told us we had to live by, seems to know no bounds. 740 more words


A Carnival of Smoke and Mirrors

The new theme has been announced. As per the rumor we leaked on November 16, it’s circus-related:

This year’s theme is about mirrors and masks, mazes and merger. 1,272 more words


Dear Burning Man...

A guest post from our reader Sandstorm. The email he’s responding to is shared at the end of this post.

Like many members of the Burning Man community I’ve spent the past 2+ months feeling justifiably concerned about the topic of Commodification Camps (aka Turnkey Camps aka Plug And Play Camps) and their place in and impact upon Burning Man and the Burner community. 2,042 more words


A New Online Art Grant System Is Live

A new online system for Art Grants has quietly gone live. It’s buried deep in the blackrockarts site. The deadline is December 1 and you have to pay a fee to submit your Letter of Intent. 1,512 more words


Art Versus Money

At the end of last month, BMOrg breathlessly announced all kinds of exciting news. They said:

(shhhh, just between you and us …) we’re working on… 4,772 more words


Why The Man Keeps Burning

Larry Harvey recently gave this talk at the Long Now Foundation in San Francisco. He’s appearing without his trademark Stetson these days.