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BURNILEAKS: Workers Want Rights

Thanks to Anonymous Burner for bringing this to our attention.

Burning Man Worker Rights

List of Grievances


In August 2014, members of DPW upper management, referred to as “The Council of Darkness”, were informed that the Burning Man workforce was unhappy and seeking to organize for more fair treatment. 1,938 more words


B’morg – Prayer for Nigeria - Music

Nigeria has been going through lots of tough times: From the recent Ebola Outbreak to the frequent Boko Haram bombings and all kinds of negative news. 75 more words

Riding Inside A Dust Devil At Burning Man

Burning Man Project Director Chip Conley’s Fest300 has released another Burning Man promo video. This one is 3:05 long, the 0:05 is for Fest300 advertising. So is this now the Commodification Threshold? 173 more words


BURNILEAKS: Bullying the Burners [Updates]

The post-Burning Man headaches for BMOrg continue to mount. If you believe in karma or physics, then you understand that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. 4,252 more words


Halcyon: What I Learned Defending Plug-n-Play

Kudos to Halcyon for coming to our site to defend any criticisms of his article Don’t Hate Plug-n-Play. He’s penned a follow up, sharing what he learned from being “destroyed” on Burners.Me. 904 more words


Burning Man Director Flaunts Flouting of Safety Rules

In theory, we live in a democratic society, based on a system of justice. There are rules, and if you break them you can be punished. 2,167 more words


Commodification Camps and the Tin Principles

Nomad Traveler really nailed it with this well-thought out comment about how the Commodification Camps are basically the complete opposite of everything Burners stand for. Note that he’s dropped the word “radical” from the list. 291 more words