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Army Memories

“We come from a company famous in BMT,

we come from a very special company;

fight for glory, fight for victory,

fight with a spirit never seen before. 161 more words


MM - July 15, 2014 & Financial Appeal

Well, this part of the waiting is over, as I have the schedule now, covering appointments for the next 6 weeks. Every day for the next 2 weeks I have back to back appointments for tests and meds in preparation for the Stem Cell Transplant. 592 more words


Reflections on 02/14 Eagle

I never wanted to be back in BMT as a PC. That was what I told myself when I first entered into OCS. Imagine how tedious it will be, having to book in and out every Fri and Sun respectively. 978 more words


BMT Graduation Parade

This morning, my family and I woke up quite early (no sleeping in on a Sunday? Ridiculous!) to get to The Float @ Marina Bay (aka the floating platform) to attend the 02/14 BMT Graduation Parade. 560 more words

General Life

Bone Marrow Transplant: Q&A

~Finding Felicity’s Cause~

More than often we hear news stories about this elusive Bone Marrow Treatment and how it helps those with cancer and anemia. Despite its success, many people remain ignorant about Bone Marrow Transplants (BMT) and its potential life-saving effects.   604 more words


A post-Cosmopolitan letter of thanks.

To everyone that reads this,

I feel that it’s necessary for me to write something following the outpouring of love I have felt from the internet since the Cosmo piece came out. 604 more words


Great news! Bella really does have super cells!

On Monday, June 30th, they drew the first labs 14 days after transplant to look at her t-cell numbers (t-cells are those responsible for making antibodies). 331 more words