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Day +10

Thinking about going home

WBC: 0.33, Hb: 88, PLT: 40, NEUTS: 0.27 (PLT transfusion +G-CFS injection yesterday)

So I’m in a really good mood today, well I was until about 10 seconds ago when I found out I need magnesium which we all know I hate! 604 more words


Day +9

What a difference an illness can make.

WBC: 0.20, Hb: 88, PLT: 10, NEUTS: 0.16 (G-CFS injection yesterday)

Hi guys, I hope you liked my little gallery yesterday, it’s just a few pictures of my journey so far. 749 more words


Day +5

Bring it on, I’m in an arse kicking kind of mood :)

WBC: 0.09, Hb: 92,  PLT: 20, NEUTS: 0.05

I didn’t want to write today’s blog till a little later. 789 more words


Day +4

The infection finally took over

WBC: 0.12, Hb: 87, PLT: 28, NEUTS: 0.10

Well I spoke too soon yesterday, about an hour after writing my blog my boob finally took over! 450 more words


Playing Catch Up With the Islas

Lets just get to it shall we?

Fall has been full of changes in the Isla Casa…like the leaves and scenery in the North Country.  G came back home from a long deployment, school started for the boys,  I started working outside the home, Bella turned 1, JD turned 17, and Saige left for the Air Force finally.   927 more words


Day +3

What a difference a day can make.

WBC: 0.59, Hb: 78, PLT: 7, NEUTS: 0.56

Well what a difference a day makes! Yesterday everything run smoothly, I managed to rest from nearly the whole a day, apart from the getting up to shower, the 4 times a day you need to brush your teeth and use mouth wash, have beds made and use the loo I pretty but spent the whole day even if not sleeping, lying with my eyes closed, after having some paracetamol in the morning and didn’t feel like I needed any until the cyclosporin started again and by the evening, and today I don’t feel like I need any yet either! 552 more words


Day +2

Today’s a battle

WBC: 1.09, Hb: 88, PLT: 11, NEUTS: 1.04

I must admit, for the rest of yesterday and last night I didn’t feel great, the doctor came (thankfully a female) to look at my breast, she said there maybe an infection inside! 578 more words