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Is it Random or Fate?

~A Discussion on Bone Marrow Transplants~

Located in your bone marrow, Hematopoietic stem cells eventually make the components of blood. Similar to embryonic stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells are categorized into four types: pluripotent, totipotent, multipotent or unipotent (1). 607 more words


Syarat mendapatkan Kartu Pintar "pengusaha Kampus"

Berikut persyaratan bagi yang ingin memiliki kartu PINTAR “Pengusaha Kampus”

1. Daftar dengan format; Nama dan Alamat lengkap

2. Jika kartu telah diterima bersedia untuk mengaktifkan dengan mengisi pulsa 25ribu (pulsa utuh dan bisa digunakan untuk telp dan sms ke semua operator dan layanan lainnya. 47 more words


Update BMT PK Senior


Semoga Teman-teman PK Regional dalam keadaan baik, lebih baik daripada hari kemarin. teman2 sekalian, saat ini PK Senior sedang merintis terbentuknya sebuah BMT, sebuah lembaga finance yang memfasilitasi kebutuhan anggota Pengusaha Kampus. 386 more words


Meet Me!

Hello! I’m Khyia the owner of this blog. I am currently looking to enlist in the Air Force, this blog will be a place for me to log my progress with enlisting, as well as training for BMT. 40 more words


Sleeping Child

There’s something about a sleeping child that gets to me.

My almost 1.5 year old is a very happy and active toddler. I used to think I can only cope when he’s asleep. 242 more words


The Next Phase

It’s Friday afternoon, I have an hour of work left, and then I’m done for two whole days! I love the weekends. I always have huge to-do lists that I swear I’m going to get through. 1,507 more words

Daily Journals

The First Letter

I was a Blue’s Clues kid as a child. I watched my orange Nick Jr. VHS tapes over and over again. My mom even made us felt paw prints and hid them for us. 1,055 more words

Daily Journals