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BMT Graduation Day 1

Today was one of the best days ever!! I finally got to hug and kiss my sweet husband after 8.5 weeks. We woke up at 4 AM and left at 5AM. 1,620 more words

Daily Journals

Here I Come!! :)

I’m sitting on an airplane heading to San Antonio! I used to absolutely love flying. It was so fun and exciting to me. I grew up flying across the country to visit my grandparents in Phoenix, so I’ve always been very comfortable on planes. 754 more words

Daily Journals

Big Boy Pants

“Did you realize that when you married your Prince or Princess Charming, you inherited the king, the queen, and the whole court?”

When you agree to marry someone, you don’t just agree to be with that one person for your whole life. 1,286 more words

Daily Journals

Eat Fresh!

Yum yum. Those veggie burgers are the best. I made them exactly to the recipe except (there’s always one!) I didn’t have ground cumin (empty jar – I knew there was something I mean to buy!) and couldn’t be bothered with the pestle and mortar so chucked in cumin seeds instead. 529 more words

Hairy Bikers

I just can't stop smiling!


I seriously feel like running 10 miles, jumping out of a plane, and then biking all the way to San Antonio just to give Alex a goodnight kiss. 514 more words

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This is only the beginning

How did the hours turn to days? How did our vibrant little girl get so lost…so quickly. Her moments of joy are becoming shorter and fewer. 350 more words

Abby Update

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

I’m in an interesting position right now. My husband is across the country, and we can’t talk besides letters. It’s fine, I’m pretty much used to it, and it’s not nearly as hard as it was in the beginning. 760 more words

Daily Journals