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The Radio Dan Show: Aug. 21st, 2014


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Wright and Pegg to do something, November Man sequel, Masters of Sex, Ray Donovan, BMW i3 is too good for AM radio, Dating Naked contestant sues for being naked.

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BMW Launches its Own Equivalent of Tesla's Supercharger Network

BMW will be launching charging stations throughout the States for its impressive and cheap (in comparison with Tesla Model S) i3 electric car. The charging stations will be built in collaboration with BMW’s authorized partners and will feature an impressive charger which the automobile giant has developed in partnership with Bosch Automotive. 351 more words


How electric car brand snobbery is saving the planet.

BRAND SNOBS ARE a blight on this earth, but when it comes to electric cars, they might just help save the world. 666 more words


BMW i8 - Tame Geek First Drive and Review

How does he do it? We’re not quite sure, but our good friend The Tame Geek managed to get himself behind the wheel of the… 2,433 more words


BMW Vs. Tesla: A Real Live Innovator’s Dilemma

Editor’s note: Peter Yared is the Founder & CTO of Sapho and was formerly the CTO/CIO of CBS Interactive.

Jill Lepore genereated quite a fracas in Silicon Valley with her… 1,300 more words


Car Spot: BMW i3

It seems as though another Auto show feature found its way into small town Ontario. I came across this BMW i3 in the Tim Hortons parking lot the other night. 148 more words


A Weekend With The All-Electric BMW i3

I’ve never driven a BMW, or an electric car, so I might have been an odd choice to test drive the new BMW i3, the German car maker’s all-electric hatchback, which packs the equivalent of 170 HP into its electric engine. 1,176 more words