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BMW i8

Hey AT readers, today we are gonna review the BMW i8. As a team we think this car is really futuristic and has some awesome features. 119 more words


Crisis? BMW i8 is nu al uitverkocht.

BMW i8 begint met prijzige First Edition. “Koning Willem Alexander  Heineken I” is ook één van de gegadigde, omdat hij nu te bescheiden rond toert. 392 more words


Film ab! Protagonist: BMW i8

Da fuhren wir gemütlich durch das Death Valley und plötzlich ging es nicht mehr weiter! Polizei stand vor uns auf der Straße und verkündete uns, dass wir leider ca. 185 more words

¡BMW i8 Spyder!

Semanas atrás os presentábamos el espectacular BMW i8, pues bien, en esta ocasión os traemos su versión descapotable prevista para finales del 2015, el BMW i8 Spyder. 35 more words


BMW i3 gets Which review

The look of this thing is growing on me (when it isn’t orange). Bottom line from this review: The base Model is a deal but the add-ons aren’t worth it.


In-demand BMW i8 deliveries start in June, and it's more efficient than we thought

Memo to Elon Musk: objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear . In this case, it’s a couple of plug-in BMW. And they represent the closest thing to a true competitor for Musk and Tesla Motors electric vehicles . 255 more words