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2015 Prelminary 49'er Plan

Here’s a very preliminary plan for the 49’er in 2015, based on the assumptions and aligned with the vision as contained in the last 2 posts! 144 more words


2015 49'er Vision

Based on the assumptions outlined in the previous post, here is one person’s vision about where we could take the 49’er over the next 3 years! 307 more words


2015 49'er Assumptions

As a starting to develop a plan for the 49’er in 2015, here’s a set of beliefs or assumptions for review and discussion.  This list is distilled from the of the 49er survey completed in 2013 and the results of the… 396 more words


49 Ad Hoc Committee Results

The Board of Directors In July of this year formed an ad-hoc committee to analyze the current state of the 49’er and provide some recommendations to increase overall attendance and participation of vendors, other clubs, manufacturers, etc…  Please find below a copy of the ad-hoc committee’s results for you review. 1,445 more words


The 49 Liter Top Case

Ever since Donna has been riding with me she has had a back rest or a top case to lean against for back support.  For those who don’t know what a “top case” is, it’s what BMW calls a trunk.   375 more words


Owning a GS

I like superbikes as much as the next leather clad guy or girl, but I also like riding on the road. Something that a modern superbike makes near impossible. 373 more words



BMW (Bavaria Motor Work) je nemački brend automobilske industrije, smešten u Minhenu, pokrajina Bavarska. Osnovan je 7. marta 1916. godine od strane Franz Josef Popp-a… 199 more words