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Have Time

The Butterfly Counts

Not Months, But Moments

And Has Time Enough.

Beautiful Artwork and Inspirational Quote by: Jessica Galbreth



Hundred Haikus | One

When Super Novas
shatter and burst into flames,
do they make a sound?

HAIKU ONE IS DONE!! This is actually going into a poem made completely out of haikus… so not only am I writing 100 haikus and 20 tankas, but I’m also writing another poem of even more haikus… 97 more words


Yin and Yang

Orangie and Miss Mittens (Now in Heaven above) Sharing a Nap.



BNV Day 2

I can’t even describe it right now… Day 2 of Brave New Voices was amazing… I basically helped 2 teams around the city today as they went from poetry workshop to poetry workshop and in the process ended up sitting in a workshop taught by the great Ursula Rucker and ended up giving her a hug :) 163 more words


Be Beautiful

Beauty is

All You Are,



Like a Shimmering Star,

You Alone

Are This Beauty Fair,



Beyond Compare.

. 6 more words


Ideas Ideas Ideas

I realized that my last post didn’t get any views because I never tagged anything… BUT THAT’S OKAY BECAUSE I’M SAYING SOMETHING MORE IMPORTANT NOW!!! 318 more words


Daytide's Ebb

A Look outside my window as Daytide turns to night….