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Jadikan Pekerjaan Anda Sebagai Penyembahan Anda

Hari ini saya mempunyai sebuah pesan sederhana bagi Anda: Jadikan profesi Anda menjadi khotbah Anda dan pekerjaan Anda menjadi penyembahan Anda.

Berkhotbah Dalam Profesi Anda… 647 more words


Be a blessing magnet!!!

Have you read Bo Sanchez’s book entitled: How to Be a Blessing Magnet: 8 Simple Steps to Attract the Miracles You Need Every day? If you haven’t, I suggest you get one.   422 more words


Today's Insights

Book title: Discover Your Inner Beauty Queen
Author: Rissa Singsong-Kawpeng

Here are a few pictures inside the book by the beautiful Ms. Rissa which have left a mark in my heart and I hope will leave a mark in yours too.

Having Conflict with Impossible People?

Everywhere we go there will always be difficult people who are difficult to deal with. There are those who always criticize, who ruins your mood over trivial issues, who are so immature or sometimes who acts as if he knows everything. 515 more words

Bo Sanchez

A Happy Balanced Life

Everyone yearns to become healthy, happy and rich. Obviously! It is ideally an effective way we know the best way to live life to the fullest. 575 more words

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Do You Have Stability On Your Personal Finances?

Did you know that the ultimate goal in managing your money is to have a sense of balance between earnings and spending? Have you got a good grip of it? 546 more words

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Take Delight In The Simplest Things

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Guess what I gave my wife on the eve of our wedding.

My honeymoon present, if you may.

Right after the big wedding of a thousand guests, at 12:00 midnight, when we were finally alone in our hotel room in a far-away resort as two awkward and giddy virgins with excited hormones slambanging and sloshing through our veins, I decided it was time to give her my honeymoon present. 396 more words

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