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Ecuador BCC

We are waiting patiently to collect our Ecuadorian BCIs from the December Hamm show. In the meantime, here are some pictures of our Ecuador BCCs, Fritz Mullender line.


El Salvador Boa

One of the most underrated locality boas is that from El Salvador. We currently have one young female, but hope to acquire an adult pair at the end of this year.
Our current 2014 female


Cancun BCI

Cancun Boa CB212, Klaus Bonny line.

We will have some 2014 babies available for sale in mid December.


Two of my favourite things

Surinam BCC and a bottle of South African wine!


Hamm in December

We’re getting ready for Hamm in December.

So far we have bought a pair of Ecuadorian BCIs and an Argentine BCO. We are looking at some Cancuns, some Hondurans, and possibly some more Ecuadorian BCIs, and Surinam.


Costa Rican Boas

Our pair of Costa Rican Boas

We purchased this pair at the Hamm Show in September from Island Boas. They have an intense brown colour to their saddles, which is really attractive.


Boa Constrictor vs Rattlesnake

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It’s time for a battle between two tough snakes! Boa Constrictors are fairly long and their way of defeating other fighters is rather iconic, but Rattlesnakes have a pretty fun gimmick as well. 41 more words