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Ecuador BCI

We now have 32 Ecuador BCI, although we hope to sell most of them.

We have two female 2013 Boas, including one possible Paradox, and the rest are from a different litter from 2014. 27 more words

Boa Constrictor Care

Scientific Name: Boa constrictor imperator (BCI)

Sexing and Characteristics:
There are several ways of sexing a snake but the main ones are popping & probing, both of these ways are reliable with probing being the most accurate. 771 more words


Ecuador BCI

Surprisingly there are very few Ecuador Boas, either BCC or BCI in the UK. They are marvellous boas.

Here area couple of photos of our CB13 and CB14 BCI


Back from Hamm

We had a rewarding trip to Hamm this December, collecting everything that we had ordered beforehand. Unfortunately we did not get much time to wander around, but perhaps that just as well as we had to leave early to head towards Offenbach, where we were staying the night before travelling towards Munich. 11 more words


Ssssay What?

Coworker: “My grandmother thinks anything bigger than a garter snake is a boa constrictor, but she pronounces it boa constructor.”

Five (ish) minutes in Photoshop and this is what happens. 26 more words

Graphic Art

Sunday Breakfast

I don’t generally eat people, but may go for somebody extra nutritious and easily digestible. :)


I Can't Breathe. Literally.

The subject of breathing difficulties come up regularly in the support groups I am in. There are various levels of not being able to breathe well and different causes, but sometimes it is not being able to breathe at all during a dystonic spasm just like I do. 1,691 more words