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Design Me: Manhunt

It’s Friday and I haven’t exercised my brain lately. So today I am doing a Design Me challenge.

Design Me challenges are all about exercising your brain. 556 more words

The Boards

Odessa - Constructing a Catacomb Exploration Board Game

Your heart pounds against your chest as you try to stop hyperventilating. You’ve been wandering for hours through gloomy, indistinguishable passageways trying to find an exit. 1,240 more words

Designers Thinking about Distributors

I had the great pleasure of talking to a few hobby game distributors at Toyfair this year, to get a solid grip on how an individual designer can fit distributors into their long range plans for their games. 1,046 more words

Board Game Design

Snow Shoe and Digital Game Pieces

At New York Toyfair, I encountered a fancy little piece of hardware that lets you walk over deep snow without falling in creates little plastic pieces that have a unique identity that can be read by a touch device like an iPhone or iPad. 438 more words


A Board Gamer at Toyfair

New York Toyfair is the biggest Toy Convention in the United States. I attended on behalf of my Friendly Local Game store, to seek out the latest board games. 646 more words

Board Game Design