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How to Build a Game #7 Want to Kickstart Your Game, Marketing Starts Now!

And by now, I mean from the day you first think of the idea for your game.

Designing and building a game takes a very long time. 558 more words

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How to Build a Game #6 Watch Reviews and Walk Throughs

I know you want to think otherwise, but there are more games out there then most of us have time to play. I know, bummer huh? 245 more words

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How to Build a Game #3 Cost of Production!!!!!

I don’t normally use exclamation points in the title but this is really important. Always think about the cost of production for the game you are creating. 420 more words

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How to Build a Game #2 Know Your Audience

Part of being a designer is to think about who your target audience is going to be. As the designer, you need to have an idea, from day one, of who is going to buy your game. 393 more words

How To Build A Game

What have we been up to? #3

Update of Current Games

We were able to get back on a normal sleep schedule, well mostly. We were able to work on new projects and move forward with our live projects. 574 more words

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It Always Comes Down To This

I’ve talked a little about it in the past, but one of the things I really enjoy doing is designing board and card games. A few of my friends share this love, and we’ve come up with some pretty interesting add-on and original content. 323 more words


Game Design Philosophy

After killing Brooklyn Bridge I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about who I am as a designer and what I want to design. So I sat down last night and examined the top 50 games on BGG to see what elements they had in common. 1,509 more words

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