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21 Updated Best Practices for Boards

Best practices aren’t static. They shift, evolve, bend, flex and stretch. What was essential a decade ago is outdated now and what wasn’t even a concern for the last generation is absolutely imperative for this one. 831 more words

Investor Relations

Retaliation, Intimidation, and Invasion of Privacy

At the July 30 community meeting, in response to a question, we discussed the retaliatory actions of some Board members against another Board member who had asked to see Board records that the Bylaws entitle him to see. 839 more words

Board Of Directors

More Women on Boards: It's the Economy, Stupid

by Cydney Posner

When the Chair of the SEC and the editors of Bloomberg both think it’s worth getting on their soapboxes to promote the same issue, maybe it’s time for public companies to pay attention. 1,198 more words

Corporate Governance

Condo Counsel: Reserve Funds

By Antonia

Condo Counsel is a new Helliwell Herald feature we’re launching with this pithy blog post by Toronto condo lawyer Josh Milgrom, an associate in Aird & Berlis’ Real Estate Group. 250 more words

Board Of Directors

Sweet spot

I like to play golf. I am not particularly good at it, but once in a while I hit a ball “pure” or on the sweet spot of the club. 95 more words

Board Of Directors

Purpose & Outcome – The Lost Part of the Equation

Our daily schedules are filled with stuff, stuff and more stuff.   Meetings, calls, to-do lists followed by more meetings that seem to go on forever.   Many of us find ourselves just hoping to find the time to take a breath, and when we do take a moment to breathe, we remember we also have that other very BIG aspect of our job … called leading.   539 more words


We're Assembling a Super Team to Take on The Blight

Calling all champions of the people! Calling all experts! All masters of their field! Calling all visionaries, motivators, leaders, innovators, managers, and game changers! The Philadelphia Community Corps is assembling a SUPER TEAM of the best and brightest Philadelphians to take on the abandoned housing blight. 541 more words

Deconstruction And Salvage