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A Legal Vacation (I mean Internship) in Stuttgart

After last year’s long trip, I was resigned to the fact that my next dose of traveling would probably have to wait until after I took the bar exam.   720 more words


Boarding Passes

As part of a project to redesign boarding passes, I developed three different versions.

My favorite is one that is nearly the same size as a smart phone, allowing users to put the boarding pass in their back pocket in order to keep track of it while going through security and heading to the gate.

Graphic Design

Check Out This Check-In

Here is a question to those who travel a fair bit and whenever possible they check in online: Why do we bother to check in on line? 550 more words


Boarding Pass II

Hello from Heathrow! Almost exactly a year ago I was sat in this very restaurant, blogging in Terminal 3 with James before we went to Mauritius. 151 more words


Airline Travel Vouchers - Getting Bumped and Flight Rescheduled

As a frequent air traveler, I always find the boarding gate waiting area an interesting and engaging space. Recently, at an airport in Minnesota, I had arrived 2 hours earlier than the boarding time stated on my boarding pass. 763 more words

Boarding Pass

tales from the nondependent child, part two

It is a strange sense of imagined community to linger anxiously at the gate desk with other standby passengers, crumpled seat request in hand, praying desperately that it will be replaced with a shiny boarding pass — the most coveted of white paper slips. 655 more words