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Board Quotas for Women: What works in Europe – Will it work in the US?

A few years ago, as a young wide-eyed graduate, I was working as a consultant doing technology projects for Fortune 500 companies, while travelling around the country to towns where these companies were located, some of these towns deep in the heartland. 2,015 more words

Gender Quotas

Pedal Bored... Danelectro Board

The first guitar pedals I ever purchased was a 3-pack of the Danelectro mini effects from Musician’s Friend with a Rogue wah. I’ve always had a soft spot for Danelectro’s design and after discovering the Reel Echo I wanted to see what other pedals were out there. 217 more words


My Stach


A few months ago I bought a few boards and sprayed them silver with glitter. A few days ago I placed them on my wall so I can store my nail polish on them. 117 more words


Keep snowboarding... No matter how...

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Pedal Bored... Travel Board

The first time I saw the Pedaltrain Nano I knew it’d be perfect to build a small board that can cover a lot of sounds without taking a lot of room. 216 more words


Pedal Bored...

I spend too much time putting together pedal boards, just looking for fun combinations of unique sounds. I’ll use this section to show off some boards I’m playing around with. 264 more words