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Anantara, Klong Guru Tour @ 11:00AM

Thailand’s waterways were once the nation’s lifeline for communication and transport.  Today Bangkok’s majestic Chao Phraya River and connecting maze of canals, known in Thai as “klong”, tempt visitors to explore the capital’s thriving age-old lifestyle and rich heritage.  486 more words


Sometimes it's nice to follow - Budapest

Wandering around on your own in a new city is all well and good, but sometimes it takes a knowing guide to give you an intimate feel for the city.   517 more words


Wine Wasting

Let me make it quite clear. I’m no wine connoisseur, but as I’ve grown older I’ve developed a taste for good wine; a real liking for this nectar of the gods. 395 more words



Badagry town is situated on the western tip of Lagos, the former Nigerian capital, and is famous because of its slavery heritage. Tourists, Nigerians and foreign visitors alike, troop there to explore not just the relics of the horrendous trans-Atlantic slave trade that spanned at least three centuries and the museums established to preserve its memory, but also the heartwarming legacies of European missionaries (Christianity, Architecture and Schools, to mention but a few) as well as the surviving indigenous culture and religion. 570 more words

Travel In Nigeria

North River Lobster Company

So I think you’ve heard me mention this place a couple of times, ALL of which have been horribly rained out or thunderstormed out (The Farmer’s Almanac has been tragically correct). 523 more words

New York City