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Free thoughts from a rock 'n' roll philosopher

A few weeks ago, during a free promotional period, I downloaded a new eBook by Grant Maxwell called How Does It Feel? Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and the Philosophy of Rock and Roll… 197 more words


949. Bringing It All Back Home - Bob Dylan

Brief Background: Bringing It All Back Home was recorded over three days in January of 1965 and released in March of that year. Side A of the Album is electric and Side B is acoustic, signifying Dylan’s movement further away from the folk community. 289 more words

Love Rescue Me

I’ve conquered my past
The future is here at last
I stand at the entrance
To a new world I can see
The ruins to the right of me… 33 more words


Not So Humpless After All

Happy Hump Day only really applies when the week is a working one, yes? On reflection maybe not. One hump leads to another, do we really ever have a long straight humpless path, I think not. 113 more words

A Selfish Prayer

A year ago, I prayed a very selfish prayer. I knew that my dad was coming to the end of his days here on earth, but I had been so beaten down by the events of the years leading up to that day that I just needed a break. 604 more words

France Drops 'Hate Speech' Case Against Bob Dylan

PARIS—French prosecutors dropped preliminary charges filed last year against Bob Dylan for allegedly violating antidiscrimination laws in a magazine interview in which he appeared to compare Croatians to Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan, a court official said Tuesday. 450 more words