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Tangled Up In Blue Haikus

“I became withdrawn – all I knew how to do was – keep on keepin on”; “Don’t know how it all – got started, don’t know what they’re – doin with their lives”; “We always felt the – same, we just saw it from a – different point of view”

Lost on the River of Sukierae with Tweedy, Neil Young and a Prophet

There’s lots of new music news out there, so let’s not waste any time and dive Beneath the Waves!

Jeff Tweedy: The man behind… 445 more words

Just A Thought: What Ever Happened To Protest/Political Music?

Since the dawn of time, music has been used as a form of expression. People use to express feeling of love, lust, happiness, sadness, hatred and… discomfort in the world you live in. 581 more words


Cool Swedish scientists have been sneaking Bob Dylan lyrics into their work for nearly 20 years

File this one under excellent ways to keep your job interesting: according to a report in The Local Sweden, two local Swedish scientists have been competing for nearly two decades for the honour of having snuck the most Bob Dylan lyrics into their work. 198 more words


Monday Music and Weekly Preview

This is quite a stellar group of musicians all on one stage.  On with the preview.

  • I don’t have this week’s Doctor Who ready to go at…
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