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BANGING on the door....

Knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door. Knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door. (C)

Woke up with that Bob Dylan song in my head this morning. 355 more words


5 Facts About Singer/Songwriter Joshua James

Joshua James needs no introduction for some of you. The singer/songwriter’s fans know he’s a gem of a storyteller and a soul-stirrer along the lines of Bob Dylan and Neil Young. 427 more words


Shelter From The Storm - An Afternoon Break (Music)

This song just came across the airwaves.  I really like this song so I thought I’d share it.  Can almost understand what he’s singing but….I’ve included the lyrics.  464 more words


Blowing in the Wind

With the events occurring in Ferguson I have seriously contemplated the good that I can do in the world. At times I feel entirely powerless from this position of privilege in which I exist amid the borders of Australia. 1,337 more words


4 and a Half Days a PNM: The Unofficial What-Not-Do-Guide of Rushing

I’ve read numerous how-to guides and not enough what-not-do-to guides regarding rushing. This is so backwards to me. It’s so hard to do things in a certain way. 1,178 more words

Classic Rock Almanac August 21, 2014

Former Deep Purple and Black Sabbath singer and bassist Glenn Hughes celebrates his 62nd birthday today.

Who wrote the foreword to Hughes’s 2011 memoir Deep Purple and Beyond: Scenes From the Life of a Rock Star? 551 more words

The Route 103

Blue-Eyed Son

The hammers rock us out of our slumbers
Bodies writhe, undulating in numbers

Glistened chests throb, not to their veins
Riddled with teardrops, once in their chains… 75 more words