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Detective 72 - Batman fights the judge, and the Boy Commandos play with flowers

Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson contribute the art on the Batman story in Detective 72 (Feb. 43).  The cover accurately bills the story, “License for Larceny.” 215 more words

Detective 71 - the Joker's Crime-a-Day, and the Boy Commandos go AWOL

Great cover for this Bill Finger/Bob Kane/Jerry Robinson story from Detective 71 (Jan. 43), in which the Joker gives daily clues to his upcoming crimes. 118 more words

Detective 70 - Batman challenged by a mind-reader, and the Boy Commandos meet a cabbie

Although it appears that Detective 70 (Dec. 42) has a generic image of Batman and Robin, it actually does show a scene from the story. 155 more words

Detective 67 - the Penguin opens shop, and the Boy Commandos befriend a hoodlum

The Penguin returns in this story by Bill Finger, with art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson.  There are a number of good ideas, but it lacks something. 166 more words

Detective 63 - Batman vs Mr. Baffle, Cliff Crosby and Larry Steele end

Another generic Batman and Robin cover for Detective 63 (May 1942).  Mr. Baffle was good enough to mention, but not to show.

Mr. Baffle is blatantly patterned after the character Raffles, the gentleman thief.  315 more words

Detective 62 - the Joker goes vaudeville, Air Wave vs Mr. Mystery, and Slam Bradley goes to the fair

Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson put together a tale in Detective 62 (April 1942) that likely was more fun when it came out. 266 more words

Detective 61 - The Three Racketeers, Larry Steele vs the Seal, and Air Wave short circuits

From one extreme to the other, instead of having a generic cover, Detective 61 (March 1942) uses the splash page as the cover.

This would become commonplace, although most had a bit more divergence than the two shown.  277 more words