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Detective 158 - Intruder in the Batcave!

Detective 158 (April 1950) is the first story to really focus on the Batcave, both on the cover, and  in the tale by Edmond Hamilton and Bob Kane. 174 more words

Detective 152 - Batman vs the Goblin, Slam Bradley ends, and Pow-Wow Smith's first case

It’s definitely Vicki Vale on the cover for Detective 152 (Oct. 49), and she is even in the Batman and Robin story inside!  The scene pictured does not happen, but her photographs are central to the story. 337 more words

Detective 135 - Batman meets Frankenstein

Edmond Hamilton and Bob Kane tell the cover story for Detective 135 (May 1948).

Professor Carter Nichols returns having been researching the story behind the Frankenstein legend, and he travels back in time himself to discover that there really was a scientist, with a giant assistant Ivan.  115 more words

Detective 128 - The Joker's crimes in reverse

The frequency with which the Joker appeared in stories from the late 1940s makes one wonder if prison breakouts were a daily occurrence at this time.  65 more words

Detective 122 - Catwoman's first appearance in Detective

Catwoman had been appearing in the pages of Batman for seven years before she finally made it into Detective Comics, with issue 122 (April 1947), drawn by Bob Kane. 114 more words

Detective 117 - Batman helps a builder, and the Boy Commandos battle an invisible man

The Batman and Robin story in Detective 117 (Nov. 46) has to do with steeplejacks, which mean people who build the metal frames of high rises.  252 more words

Detective 106 - The Phantom of the Library

The cover image for Detective 106 (Dec. 45) was used again, though redrawn, in the 90s.  As preposterous as it appears, it sort of occurs in the story, though it’s a matter of perspective, not a giant head. 179 more words