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History Repeating - XJ40 Phase one - 1968-1975

Part 3 – Jaguar – Year Zero

The Autumn of 1974 marked a point when the sky fell in for both BLMC and Jaguar. Lord Ryder’s report into BLMC’s financial collapse was published in April 1975 and its findings were greeted with abject horror at Browns Lane. 1,026 more words

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Jaret Sons

Future Hometown Hero

The state of Indiana is best known for its contributions to the game of basketball. It has some  great basketball pioneers like Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, and  Bob Knight who are all in basketball’s Hall of Fame record books. 465 more words

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History Repeating - XJ40 Phase one - 1968-1975

Part 2 – A question of style

In October 1973, senior Jaguar personnel presented the first complete XJ40 styling prototype to BLMC’s Lord Stokes and John Barber. 914 more words

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History Repeating: XJ40 Phase one - 1968-1975

Part one – A new Jag generation: The story of XJ40 is in many ways as protracted and arduous as the car’s fourteen year gestation. In this first part, we examine the landscape within Jaguar in the early 1970’s as the initial concept coalesced and the first styling ideas took form.

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History Repeating - The Tragedy of Jaguar's XJ40 - (Introduction)

With XJ40, Jaguar came within a whisker of glory, before cruel fate’s intervention. But how much of a failed feline was it really?  

In this series, we’ll examine the car’s lengthy and torturous gestation, the circumstances surrounding its development and its ongoing significance to the wider Jaguar narrative… 

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