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Knock off the damn swearing!

These days, swearing is just a part of everyday life. I honestly cant name a single person from generation Y that doesn’t swear! (Not that you don’t exist) So to find a way to stop doing something that one has been doing for many many years is difficult. 278 more words


Sam Video: Ultimate Epic Fails

What is it about people doing stupid things and failing terribly? Bob Saget made a nice living hosting “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. Steve O was always wiping out spectacularly on “Jack Ass” and the internet is littered with amazing failures. 13 more words


Meia Maratona Débi & Lóide – (2003) “Débi & Lóide 2 – Quando Harry conheceu o Lóide”

Se não fosse por “Ace Ventura 2 – Um maluco na África” e agora pelo nuovo filme de Débi e Lóide, Jim Carrey poderia facilmente entrar no rol seleto de atores que não fizeram continuações de seus filmes (Como… 1,457 more words

On the enduring creepiness of (classic) clowns

I don’t know if this is true for most people, but I can vividly remember the very first nightmare I ever had in my life. It was when I was four years old and it featured Bob Saget and Bozo the Clown – guess which of them was the villain. 731 more words

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Bob Saget coming to Marcus Jewish Community Center Book Festival Nov. 1

Bob Saget is not really Danny Tanner, his fictional widowed daddy figure on the classic sitcom “Full House.” They both love to clean, but Saget’s sense of humor of far dirtier, based on the scatological words that come out of his mouth in his stand-up routine. 491 more words


Bob Saget Failed At His Attempt To Become A Doctor Before Taking On Hollywood

For eight wonderful, life lesson filled years, Bob Saget was Danny Tanner, sweater-clad and neat freak father to millions. Thanks to syndication, he still is to many today. 368 more words


About the Wiggles

Lately, my son has been enamored with this show on Sprout called “The Wiggles.”  Ah, fatherhood…

To describe it in terms of my skeptical point of view, it’s a bunch of jumping beans that dance and sing kids songs.  239 more words