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Fall Cleanup | The Blunt Bob

We all go through moments where we need change. I figured since the seasons have transformed I might as well too. This Fall, and for the first time in about a decade I CHOPPED, no exaggeration here, chopped my hair off and let me just say I am loooooving it so far. 64 more words

Replacing code that used a listbox to code that uses a Y/N Table

So before, my code ran with all the states that were checked. Now, I have to replace the listbox with a table with a column of states, and a column of Y/N. 133 more words


The Walking Dead And Religion Season 5 Episode 2

I don’t know how many of you picked up on the religious tones of this episode.  As I sit here and re-watch this episode, I see even more the second time through.  554 more words

The Walking Dead


Sometimes we come across people and knowingly or not knowingly find a connection. Sometimes, those people stay a life time and sometimes they’re just temporary souls adding onto apart of us. 97 more words

bxslider not sliding and starts from last slide

I have no idea why but my slider refuses to slide, I can control it all from the bullet points underneath but it won’t slide to the next one. 165 more words


Elements are not showing up in the wrapper, they're below

I have a wrapper div set with a background color of white but all of my elements are showing up underneath the wrapper even though I have them set inside of it. 224 more words


Trust Climber: Some Final Thoughts

We got to a point with Trust Climber where it sort of does what we wanted it to do; a two player game in which there is one climber and one belayer. 246 more words

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