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Breeze plays detective.

Breeze wasn’t happy. He had not met Tulip in days. This meant he had not eaten one fairy cake in two whole days. He decided a visit to her house was necessary. 299 more words

Mudpile Wood

multithreaded TCP server: java.net.SocketException: Socket closed

Yeah, I understand that lots of questions were asked on this topic. I viewed lots of them, but still do not understand why I get such error. 268 more words

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NOFX at The Tivoli 22/11/14 - the second coming

The guys from NOFX turned up with a different set list and a different attitude for their second Brisbane date this tour. It made for another great show in a messier fashion, at a rather full Tivoli theatre. 612 more words

Live Music

The Walking Dead recap: GREATM

by: Lynda Green

Tonight on the Walking Dead, one group goes on a rescue mission and one group goes fishing. And Daryl takes awesomeness to new heights. 1,453 more words


Young 'N' Old

Dear Mum,
Our trip to the Swan Valley yesterday was really good. We left after lunch, Bob drove, Josh slept most of the way.
The first place we stopped was Bells Rapids, a small river which apparently grows large enough for a famous kayaking competition to take place there. 227 more words


Maru and Hana

Just logged in to youtube and found that mugumogu uploaded another video of Maru and Hana just three hours ago. This pet owner has uploaded many of Maru the cat and Hana, Maru came earlier and Hana joined the gang just recently. 57 more words


How would one alternately add 2 characters into a string in python?

Like, for example, I have the string ’12345′ and the string ‘+*’ and I want to make it so that the new string would be ’1+2*3+4*5′, alternating between the two characters in the second string. 45 more words

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