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Emergency Kits and Bug Out Bags 101

In lieu of all the recent storms, I think it would be important to talk about why we all should be prepared for short term emergencies. 1,166 more words


Bob Proctor on How Mentoring Inspired Napoleon Hill

Bob Proctor teaches mentoring as the factor that allowed Napoleon Hill to become THE mentor for the readers of Think and Grow Rich . http://www.getseriousonline.com… 11 more words

Style Eye On: Lucius

Post by TM

When finding out that I’m a twin people always ask what it’s like to be one; and I always tell them I don’t know, it’s just the way it’s always been. 596 more words

Town Mouse

Thanks be to God, Bob, Me, and all of You :)

First let me start off with thanking God for his intercession, for the love that has been shown to me, M, and our children. No one has turned us away yet and cast our family off as guilty by association to a liar and adulterer. 882 more words


Concession Madness

Concessions has always been a busy place to work, except for the upstairs one. Unless its opening weekend, it tends to be SLOW. Which means… everyone wants to be stationed upstairs so they can get paid for standing. 887 more words

The Woes

A Minister Lost in Boston

Like I said earlier…I’m going to be posting a lot from camp! Enjoy this adorable, yet strange short story dedicated to anybody who needs a hug. 1,240 more words

Entertaining The Soul

TWD Season 5 - Comic-Con Trailer Review + Analysis

I know you’re going to want to watch the Season 5 trailer again, so here it is.

Besides, it’s going to take several more views to digest everything that happened in that wonderful 2 minutes and 55 seconds. 791 more words

Season 5