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Ab nach Mittelerde

Wir sind gestern bei Marion ausgezogen und sind jetzt im YHA im Herzen Aucklands. Das Hostel ist nett und wird hauptsächlich von den eigenen Gästen betrieben. 204 more words


Decrementing a Variable in a Foreach Loop

I am trying to decrement the Y axis for my foreach loop. I have a stack with disks on top of each other. I am trying to move the disks from one stack to another. 90 more words

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Have a Very Hammy Christmas!

Bob is not doing well. He’s old and he’s losing strength in his legs. But he is such a survivor! He keeps on trucking. Keeps himself well groomed despite it all. 651 more words


Gifts From Nature

Gift is everywhere, reflected by the heart as mirror reflecting shadows. How clear this heart is? See these pictures and find if there’s gift presented by nature. 144 more words


MSNBC: Ferguson 'Witness 40'

According to MSNBC, “witness 40″ spoke on the record for the first time to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, raising new questions about the Bob McCulloch’s grand jury process. 155 more words

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MS-SQL before insert text paragraph convert in straight line

I have two or three line paragraph. What I need to do before insert database all that text paragraph convert in straight line (without any new lines) and Insert database table field. 20 more words

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