Baseball Card Thursday: 1993 Score Select Carney Lansford

Could being a weak fielder mean you have cooler looking baseball cards?  If you’re Carney Lansford, it might.  Behold, the 1993 Score Select Carney Lansford card! 348 more words

Baseball Card Thursday

They've come a long way, baby...

I’ve started reading John Helyar’s classic history of baseball, Lords of the Realm. Labor wars between players and owners are, unsurprisingly, as old as the first organized professional leagues, in the 1870s. 180 more words

Ibañez and Bonilla

Like Satan, Raúl Ibañez is now an ex-Angel. If his career is over (i.e. if Ruben Amaro doesn’t sign him), Ibañez will end his career at .273/.336/.467 with 303 homers–only 27 of which were hit before his age 30 season. 210 more words

2014 Phillies