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Ripping Dallas on TNT

Call me a prude, but last night’s season finale of Dallas on TNT proved to be raunchy, tasteless, shocking, and disappointing.

Season 3 episode 4- 'Lifting the Veil'

Having watched this episode a few times now I personally feel that it’s the weakest one of season 3 barring the first episode. Real opportunities to strengthen the show and mix in some of the history are squandered in favour of ridiculous, meaningless plot twists and scenes that will do nothing other than to hasten the show’s end. 2,310 more words

I Finished "House of Cards"!

So, I finally finished “House of Cards.”  Twelve episodes in four weeks seems like a reasonable pace – for me at least, if not for the bingers.  1,984 more words

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"House of Cards" Spoiler Alert

If you’re a follower, and have not yet viewed the final episode of this season’s House of Cards, then for your own sanity, stop reading right now. 754 more words

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