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Delta Police Chief Jim Cessford Retiring

A big Pucksense ‘tip of the hockey cap’ goes out to hockey coach and leader in our community, Jim Cessford, our police chief for the past 20 years. 103 more words

You want a statue? Start with Ben Hatskin and Bobby Hull at Portage & Main

Okay, kids, let’s connect the dots…

Without Ben Hatskin, there would have been no Winnipeg Jets 1.0.

Without Winnipeg Jets 1.0, there would have been no Bobby Hull. 646 more words

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Teemu Selanne: A beacon of goodness still shining bright after all these years

My first memory of watching a live sporting event in Winnipeg is colored in a dozen shades of vagueness.

I can see myself sitting in the pews of the old barn on Maroons Road, as Billy Mosienko and the Winnipeg Warriors whirled about the local freeze. 878 more words

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thank you, everybody, for this hat festival

Bobby Hull came late to the Gala Hat Festival and I don’t mean merely tardy: two-and-a-half hours the hat-people waited for him to show. I’m guessing there was some agitation over that, kvetching and snide remarks, maybe even some walk-outs among the hat community, who must have wondered (many of them) why they needed to be kowtowing to hockey players in the first place. 800 more words