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To appreciate the full ramifications of the Republican sweep of last Tuesday’s election, one has to explore various and complicated aspects of the human condition.  For example, as I wrote previously, the election results in most cases were decided by the people who didn’t vote, versus those that did. 1,172 more words

"Everybody Should Vote!": If The Concern Is Voting Interferes Too Much With 'Normal' Life, Shouldn’t It Be As Convenient As Possible?

One of the crazy-making things about elections in this country, and particularly low-turnout non-presidential elections, is that we’ve lost a presumption that used to be a goo-goo truism: … 520 more words


Question for Authors or Legal Eagles

I am working on a new book and I would like to have a picture of Robert F. Kennedy on the cover.  I have found an image that is in the public domain and was wondering if anyone could advise me if that means it is free to use for an ebook cover. 6 more words

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Citizen Frank

Other than speaking the same language and observing the same national holidays Frank Mankiewicz and I had little in common other than a passion for politics and sports. 398 more words


Who Killed JFK?

Will we ever know?

Perhaps not for certain, but I have a theory and its a good one!

Apologies in advance but I’m doing a bit of shameless self promotion, but rest assured it wont happen again until my next book comes out which will be months away at the very least. 473 more words

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