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Bobby Roode vs James Storm Highlights - Beer Money Inc Explodes #BoundForGlory 2012


It’s a new day here in the Armbar Express. A new strategy that I hope will improve the Armbar Express a great deal and, I’m not gonna lie, improve our image in the internet wrestling world. 749 more words


10 Thoughts: TNA Impact 7.10.14 (w/Justin C)

1. I wonder if during that opening segment Jeff Hardy and Kurt Angle were secretly thinking to each other: “Man, I wonder what it would take for both of us to go back to the WWE.” Unfortunately, Kurt is broken down and Hardy can’t get into most countries outside the United States.

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Impact Wrestling 7/10/14...Champion Showcase

Tonight, everything is on the line. The Tag Titles, The X-Division Title, The Knockout Title, and a big 20-man Battle Royal to determine the Number One Contender to the World Title. 1,070 more words

Impact Wrestling

10 Thoughts: TNA Impact 7.3.14 (w/Justin C)

1. I didn’t get the point of the opening segment with Samoa Joe. Joe has been so mis-used by TNA that it is kind of laughable. 546 more words

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10 Thoughts: TNA Impact 6.26.14 (w/Justin C)

1. Starting Impact with the Knockouts shows that TNA has a lot of faith in their female performers. Maybe the WWE should try doing this. That way people might actually give a damn about the Divas Division.

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Impact Wrestling 6/25/14...New World Champion Speaks

This is a big week for TNA, and I might say things are starting to look better. More on that in a bit.

Last week, Bobby Lashley made history, beating “Showtime” Eric Young and becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. 1,468 more words

Impact Wrestling

10 Thoughts: TNA Impact 6.19.14 (w/Justin C)

So this is my first time covering Impact since I stopped doing it for HTCWrestling. I haven’t really watched since. I’ve followed the storylines and that’s about it. 634 more words

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