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Jeanne’s Final DJ Mixtable 6/7/2014 Amazing Black Panther Band "The Lumpen"

In a Wikipedia article on “Hip Hop Music” cites Scott Crossley “Metaphorical Conceptions in Hip Hop Music” (501) to suggest that hip hop gives a “voice for the disenfranchised” living in impoverished African-American neighborhoods, referred to as “the projects,’ “the crib,” and the bricks,” all metaphors for cell blocks. 357 more words

I'm a Man (Part 2)

by Oivvio Polite

Translated by Jennifer Hayashida

From a Swedish horizon it is easy to identify the Swedish Left of the 60s as an identity project for bourgeois youth and to think of projects in other countries as more “real.” While the Swedish 60s were about identity, the global 60s were about real questions of social justice. 1,921 more words