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Supernatural: Remembering Bobby Singer - Part 1 History

Bobby Singer, played by Jim Beaver, is the only character besides Sam and Dean to have appeared in every season of Supernatural, except the current one, at least so far. 2,869 more words

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Is it just me or is “Death’s Door” an exploration of Bobby’s Mind Palace?

Supernatural : Ask Jeeves

Tonight we get back to business, after last weeks delightful and charming episode. I gave high marks to that one. It’s not an all time favorite but it is in my top twenty. 1,442 more words

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10.06 "Ask Jeeves" Preview Clip - Transcript

(EXT. DEAN is mending the impala’s headlight. SAM comes out of the motel’s lobby with two small, hot drinks.)

Sam: Here ya go! Individually brewed. Technology, man. 231 more words

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Verdigris: An Interview With Jim Beaver

By Stacey Gillard and Mieke Trudeau

With a career spanning almost 40 years, Jim Beaver has portrayed a wide range of television characters, including recent fan-favorites Shelby Parlow on… 1,401 more words


The year is ending soon... (And some exciting news!)

What have you accomplished this year?
Any loose ends still left untied?
There’s still some time left before the year end so be sure to get to it as soon as you can!

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The Collective's Top 10 Supernatural Moments

It’s been seven years since I tumbled down the rabbit hole and into the Supernatural fandom, and yeah, there’s times I’ve regretted it, times when I’ve had  1,129 more words