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Mowing and Meadowlarks

This is the time of year when we get around to mowing our field. We have ten acres of meadow. When we moved here it had not been cut in several years and it was starting to get scrubby. 863 more words


Bobolinks Fledging and Preparing to Migrate

Between their striking black and white plumage and their long, bubbly song, male Bobolinks are hard to miss if they are inhabiting a field. The female’s plumage is more subtle, with lots of browns so that she blends in well when on her ground nest. 220 more words


Of Invasive Weeds: Crown Vetch and Yellow Rattle

Two obnoxious weeds are trying to take over our farm. Crown vetch and yellow rattle were both accidentally introduced to our land several years ago. 968 more words


For us western birders, one of the most exciting species to see at Malheur is the Bobolink, a bird more often found in grasslands further east. 122 more words



There are two species that typify a great birding trip to Malheur. Golden Eagle and Bobolink. This trip for Pt. Reyes Field Institute has brought us close to both species. 15 more words

Birding in Okanogan County

Our six days of camping were not really enough to cover all the ground in northern Okanogan County but we sure did make a dent in it. 272 more words


Saskatchewan - Condie Nature Refuge - 30th May 2014

Condie is a small reserve just north of Regina based around a reservoir with a small creek nearby giving a mixture of water, meadows and boggy areas. 217 more words