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Article 7: The Land Immovable

The assembly of distinguished monks and dignitaries under the twin Sala trees implored the Buddha for his final instructions and blessings about how bodhisattvas in the Land Immovable (in Nirvana) attain wisdom and become masters of great virtue. 1,567 more words

The Ultimate Teachings

Gandhara culture, pensive bodhisattvas

These two sculptures represent a bodhisattva, probably Avalokiteshvara, holding a lotus flower in one hand while resting his head on the other. The first is depicted in a realistic manner, with elegant body proportions and facial features, the second has an oversized head and one hand bigger than the other but the folds of his robe and the lotus he holds reveal a remarkable level of craftsmanship. 67 more words

Asian Art

People Think Self-less-ness Is Weak

I am going to start this off with an aphorism;

As you progress along the path of evolution the challenges you face become ever more subtle. 339 more words


Gandhara culture, sitting Padmapani

This is one of those good quality sculptures made in the Gandhara region that are remarkable for their fine craftsmanship and harmonious proportions. Bodhisattvas, usually Maitreya or Avalokiteshvara, are represented like athletic young men, with a thin nose and a moustache, elegantly draped and adorned with jewellery and an elaborate head dress. 28 more words

Asian Art

Are you happy?

That thing that you are doing, does it make you happy? Are you happy?

What is happiness?

Is it the simple pleasures in life? Those tasty morsels of chocolate following a decadent massage in a spa resort. 208 more words