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Sibi Story of Mahabharata In Japan

Many of us are familiar with the story of King Sibi narrated in Mahabharata.

A falcon was chasing a Dove and the Dove sought refuge in Sibi, who was the ancestor of… 670 more words


Unshakably Happy

So, I’m a Nichiren Buddhist, which is probably the best thing I have going for myself currently.  It’s really helping me not lose hope through this rough patch.   724 more words


Bodhisattvas Fall Down Too

The Zen Ritual class has been meeting at SFZC City Center, each time studying a short verse from one of the many ceremonies that are traditional in Western Zen. 643 more words


A Matter of Life and Death

One of the most difficult transitions I’ve ever experienced, as an ex-Christian, was that of learning to think of “death” in the Buddhist sense. Mind you, I use the term “sense,” quite loosely because there is no one, perfect Buddhist definition for people like me (unenlightened). 888 more words


Shambhala Warrior Prophecy

This seems a good place to start: a call to action for all spiritual warriors from the brilliant Joanna Macy. This inspiring video explains what it takes to be a Bodhisattva in these dangerous times…


Nepal, 14th c. Padmapani stele

Avalokiteshvara, in his Padmapani (lotus bearer) form, is standing on a lotus (his attendants  on each side of him) with a long-stemmed lotus leaning on each arm, and a lotus flower in the palm of one hand.   137 more words

Buddhist Sculpture