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The Bodhisattva Ideal: Our Current theme for Sangha Nights, 6.45pm at 96 Halifax St in the city

How can we live an ideal life in the real world? How can we be happy and at the same time responsive to the suffering of others? 149 more words


Sin Eater

“The Latin name of the Turkey Vulture is Cathartes aura, which means “Golden Purifier” or “Purifying Breeze”

“The generic term Cathartes means “purifier” and is the Latinized form from the Greek kathartēs. 966 more words

Animal Speak


“May the frightened cease to be afraid and those bound, be freed;
May the powerless find power
And may people think of benefitting each other.”

- Shantideva


Music Monday Steely Dan "My Old School"

This selection has a twofold dedication. . . . . for good old Robert E. Lee High School and my classmates who reconnected last weekend.  And because Steely Day was in concert at Saratoga Performing Arts Center and was the reason David didn’t join me at the reunion. 111 more words

Thank you Susy and Kari...

Thank you :: SUSY :: and  :: KARI :: for your incredibly generous donations today!    


(om mani padme hum, Buddhist prayer of compassion)

Thank You...

Thank you :: DIANA T :: for your incredibly generous donation today! 

A Gem Of An Idea

Passing on the ideas and ideals behind Buddhist teachings is a little like sewing a hidden gem into the lining of a friends clothes.

This is the parable about the rich man, the poor man, and the hidden gem … 151 more words