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The Paramita of Diligence

This represents our motivation on the path.

This Paramita is our devotion to cultivating the other five. It’s the one that really keeps us inspired to continue rather than giving up. 261 more words

Machig Labdrön

“Machig Labdrön” is one of the most well-known female Tibetan Buddhist teachers and lineage holders, who lived in 11th century Tibet. She practiced and taught “Chöd” (meaning ‘cutting through ego’), which is a unique ritual-based practice for transforming the inner ‘demons’ that inhibit enlightenment:   … 6 more words

Gods and Bodhisattvas of compassion

In nearly all religions there are higher beings, gods, goddesses, Bodhisattvas who provide the quality of compassion and healing. For example Tara, Guanyin, Avalokitesvara, etc. but also Western angels, saints and so on have this “function”. 406 more words

Spiritual Development

The First Precept - Abhaya-cariya

I undertake the training rule to refrain from killing and injuring living things.

Throughout the next 36 days I want to focus each post on each of the training rules I’ve devised for myself or adapted from traditional sources.

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Swat Valley, Avalokiteshvara on broad lotus base

Avalokiteshvara is identified through the antelope skin over his left shoulder and the lotus design on his bracelets and armbands. The flat, almost squashed, lotus base with very broad petals is very different from the various standard Swat Valley styles but there is a 7th century dark bronze statue from Pakistan at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (published in a previous post) with a similar type of base and also with the same draping of the dhoti and the same necklace. 19 more words

Buddhist Sculpture

Une Chanson dans le style de Bodhisattva

Une Chanson dans le style de Bodhisattva       pour Commabooks

A Song In the Style of Bodhi      for Commabooks     Mélusine Lin   2012. 1

《逗點菩提》 贈逗點人         枚綠金 2012. 9 more words

beyond a system ...

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Diamond Sutra  (7):

Then Buddha asked Subhuti,

“What do you think, Subhuti,
has the Buddha arrived at the highest, most fulfilled, …

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