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Buddha, bodhisattva: White Tara

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A wooden three-headed bodhisattva

Despite the absence of attributes specific to Avalokiteshvara, this  very rare wooden statue of a peaceful bodhisattva with a moonlike face typical of the Tibetan style has been identified as a representation of the three-headed form of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion.

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Post Curse

Still alive.  I did have to face 3 matters after that verbal curse though. An oncoming car almost crashed into me, if it had not swerved when I continually pressed on the horn. 352 more words

Tibet, a singular Phagpa Lokeshvara

The broad face  and the use of lapis lazuli powder in the hair indicate that this sculpture was made (or made to be worshipped) in Tibet. 75 more words

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Phagpa Lokeshvara, metal statues

Metal statues of Phagpa Lokeshvara are very few. Like their wooden counterpart, they all differ  from the original. On this one, the right hand is apart from the body, the sash is wider and hanging on one side, the hips are rounder, the legs thicker, the mass of hair is slightly longer and flatter, there is no effigy of Amitabha on the crown. 87 more words

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Phagpa Lokeshvara, variations

This rare statue of Phagpa Lokeshvara has a round face, no hair sticking out on each side of the crown (possibly broken), only some loose strands over his shoulders. 264 more words

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Blamed and Cursed

Being blamed and cursed is no fun obviously. What’s worse is that the person doing the cursing has said that nobody has avoided his curses, and they have all had something bad happen to them, including me.  433 more words