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Tibet, Shadakshari Lokeshvara

This is an easily recognisable one head, four-arm form of Avalokiteshvara,  in bodhisattva attire, normally seated in the lotus position, with two hands in prayer at heart level, the remaining right hand holding a rosary and the left one a lotus flower. 222 more words

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Tibet, Avalokiteshvara Rajalilasana

There are very few Tibetan sculptures of Avalokiteshvara seated in royal ease or rajalilasana. He rests on his left hand, his left leg is folded, the other leg is raised to support his right arm in a casual manner. 74 more words

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Tibet, Khasarpana Lokeshvara

This form of Avalokiteshvara, also known as Avalokiteshvara Khasarpani, shows him seated with one leg folded and the other pendant, his foot resting on a lotus flower attached to the base. 254 more words

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Tibet, Padmapani

The term padmapani can be used as an epithet referring to any lotus bearer (or lotus holder). Since  Avalokiteshvara doesn’t normally have an antelope skin over his left shoulder when depicted in his… 108 more words

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Western Tibet, Manjushri with sword

This aspect of Manjushri seems to have been particularly popular in Western Tibet, an area which drew many artists from Kashmir and Northern India.

11th-12th century, Western Tibet, brass, private collection, on Himalayan Art Resources. 530 more words

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Tibet, White Manjushri - seated (3)

The bodhisattva is seated in the lotus position, his right arm extended, palm open, his left hand doing the teaching gesture or vitarka mudra. The long-stem lotus to his left holds a manuscript topped with a pearl. 127 more words

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Monarch Meditations on Butterfly Warriors

It is just dark, the morning darkness that precedes every dawn, the stillness before the splash of the sun that becomes the light of day. This is the pause—the moment of stillness—before the stirring begins yet again. 541 more words

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